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in 2014 

1886 - 1986 

fink pil, ^0rti| Carolina 

(§ctabtr 12, 1986 



"The grass withereth, the flower fadeth 
but the Word of our God 
shall stand forever." 
Isaiah 40:8 

Compiled and edited by; 
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Kenan Smith 

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Oar official recocd of the first mem- 
bership of Hebron Presbyterian Church 
begins with this first page copied from 
its session book dated Dec. 16, 1886. 


Deed of Hebron Church land donation 
dated Dec. 19, 1889. 

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This is the time chosen for us to commemorate the 
spiritual heritage left us bythe body of Christian be- 
lievers who were led to organize a Presbyterian church 
here for worship and for furthering the spiritual lives 
of their children and the neighbors around them. One 
hundred years is a long time to us and yet in the span 
of eternity it is but a moment. Many of us recall some 
of the persons who were charter members here and their 
children after them with fond memories. Most of us 
have heard of them if we didn't know them. Today, in 
this building they built and nurtured, we gather to pay 
tribute to these persons-inadequate but nevertheless 
our best effort. It is a tribute to those who have 
nurtured, for a great many of us, the beginnings of our 
Christian growth. It is a time to praise the Lord and 
thank Him for touching our lives through them here at 
Hebron Presbyterian Church. 

What was in this area of Albertson township then 
that isn't here now? One hundred years ago, at the same 
time Sears and Coca Cola were having their beginnings in 
other places, Duplin County was settled and peaceful. 
Its population was made up mainly of self-sufficient 
farmers whose greatest source of income was making naval 
stores — tar, pitch, rosin, and turpentine from the pine 
woods that still covered the area. It was work they 
could do in winter or when the. soil was too wet for 
farming. Actually the making of tar was also a means of 
clearing more land for cultivation. In 1896, Eastern 
North Carolina produced one-third of the entire product 
of these commodities in the world. Older persons inter- 
viewed can remember Bryant Smith having a turpentine 
still on the Northeast Cape Fear River ne'ar Kornegay. 
Another told of rafting down the river with his father 
to carry a load of pitch-all stored in barrels made from 
pine woods- to Wilmington. 

Presbyterianism was not new to North Carolina nor 
even to Duplin County. One hundred years ago there were 
about thirty-five churches in Wilmington Presbytery. 
The leaders of Wilmington Presbytery had been led to 
recognize the need for evangelization to areas destitute 
of Presbyterianism. Presbytery evangelists were assigned 
preaching points "in the back parts." A presbytery 
evangelist was a "presbyter commissioned to preach the 
gospel without pastoral charge, wherever in the judgment 
of the Presbytery his services may be needed for the con- 
version of sinners, and entrusted by the presbytery with 
just so much of the joint labor as in each case may be 
lawful and expedient." 

At least two of these presbytery evangelists worked 
with the preaching point that later became Hebron Pres- 
byterian Church. The Rev. Colin Shaw, an 1838 graduate 


of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill who had con- 
tinued his studies at Union Theological Seminary in Virginia 
and Columbia Theological Seminary was one of these. He had 
been ordained at historic Black River Chapel in Sampson 
County and served as pastor in that area for about twenty 
years. During the Civil War, he was a chaplain and near 
the end of the war became a southern hero leading a band of 
neighbors to defend their home communities. After the war, 
Reverend Shaw traveled great distances as a presbytery evan- 
gelist to conduct protracted meetings at various preaching 
points, such as the one at Hebron. 

The Rev. John D. Stanford, after 20 years as a lawyer 
in Kenansville and representing Duplin County in the North 
Carolina Legislature, was ordained an evangelist in 1886. He 
loved to mingle with. people and preach the gospel. By 1891 
he was preaching at five churches and five preaching points. 
When he died in 1901, he had served fifteen years as an 
evangelist. Reverend Stanford preached the first ever 
sermon by a Presbyterian minister in Albertson Township in 
March 1886. There being no church building in the immediate 
neighborhood, services were conducted in Sutton Branch School 
near Sherwood Grady's. In September 1886 Reverend Stanford 
commenced a protracted meeting at the school. But on Wednes- 
day night of the meeting he held service at Piney Grove 
Baptist Church, about three miles away. There Miss Percy Ann 
Barfield joined or expressed a determination to become a mem- 
ber of the Presbyterian Church, making her the first to 
connect with the church at these services. Continuing ser- 
vices for the remainder of the week at Sutton Branch School, 
Sherwood Grady and wife, Harriet, were the next to connect 
with the church there. 

In Reverend John Dail's History of Wilmington Presbytery , 
it is reported that September 16, 1886, Reverend Stanford 
reported plans for organization of a church at Sutton Branch 
School. A committee was appointed to organize one "if the 
way be clear." 

On the 16th of December 1886, the commission appointed 
by the Wilmington Presbytery convened to organize Sutton 
Branch Church. This commission consisted of Rev. George 
McMillan, Ruling Elder G. S. Carr, David Williams, and 
W. S. Miller. Since Rev. Colin Shaw, Rev. Stanford and 
Elder I. B. Carr were present they, too, were invited to 
sit with the commission. Rev. George McMillan was made 
chairman and the persons we now call charter members 
presented themselves to be organized into a church. Many 
of the charter members were not new to Presbyterianism. Some 
had gone to Old Grove Academy and some belonged to Grove 
Church in Kenansville. The church was duly organized by the 
election and installation of John G. Smith and Jones R. Smith 
as elders and Sherwood Grady and Jones Smith as deacons. 

The church thus organized continued to use the one- 
roomed Sutton Branch School for some time. Apparently, 
though services were held once a month, Sunday School began 
to be held regularly there. Thirza Shepherd recalls her 
mother, Agnes Ann Jones, telling how she and her sister and 
brother, Clarissa and Ashley, used to walk to Sunday School 


when it was held in the Sutton Branch School, washing their 
feet and legs in a branch near there and putting on their 
shoes and socks before they went on to Sunday School. 

It could not have been long before Sutton Branch 
Church's little band of dedicated people knew they should 
have a building of their own. The committee appointed 
for that purpose chose a site about two miles away from 
the school house on the east side of the township on the 
New Bern or sometimes called the Kinston Road. This main 
road to New Bern was a horse and buggy dirt road with 
bridges only over the few wide streams and the river, 
fording many shallow streams. The deed was properly 
recorded December 18, 1889 — Jones R. and Martha Smith, 
charter members, and William and Mary S. Stroud donating 
together l\ acres to the trustees of the church, John G. 
Smith, William K. Southerland and William H. Grady. 

One can imagine the camaraderie in the "raising" by 
its members called together for that purpose in 1890 and 
1891 — the land clearing, the framing, the finishing 
touches, the food prepared for so many persons. The old 
Hebron building looked much as it does today--a neat, 
substantial building naturally lighted by day through its 
tall eighteen paned windows. A grove immediately to the 
east was to be used for a cemetery. Soon after they had 
their own building, Sutton Branch Church by 1891 had 
changed its name to Hebron. 

Through the 1890 's Hebron grew. Primarily trans- 
portation was a big hindrance. In 1894, presbytery was 
to meet at Hebron. Records tell us that the meeting 
had to be detained at Grove Church because Hebron could 
not be reached on account of high water. 

Rev. Stanford continued to be Hebron's missionary 
speaker and spiritual leader until 1896. Preaching Sun- 
days 1897-1900 were filled by Rev. Richard Veneable 
Lancaster and some in 1898 by Candidate Robert M. Williams. 
Rev. Lancaster had been a missionary to Hang Chow, China, 
1887-1892. While preaching in the area he also served as 
president of James Sprunt Institute which then was 
partially supported by Wilmington Presbytery. 

One December 15, 1901, probably in recognition of 
Hebron's 15th anniversary, a revival commenced at Hebron 
and continued till the next Sunday. It was conducted by 
Rev. William Black, synod evangelist, and Rev. L. E. Wells. 
Much interest was manifested and more new members joined 
the congregation. The following persons were received into 
the Church — Trent Gordon Smith, Herbert Maxwell, Sarah 
Maxwell, S. C. Lawson, Barbara Lawson, W. H. Maxwell, Lucy 
Ann Maxwell, Albert Maxwell, and Malcolm L. Grady. 

Lucien Elonza Wells, a Duplin County native, pastored 
our flock, 1901-1905. Ill health had prevented his going 
into foreign mission work, so he gave his life to the home 
mission work of the Presbyterian Church. While here he 
also served Chinquapin, Hallsville, Smith's and Beulaville 
churches. During those years he organized and taught at 
the Presbyterian High School in Teachey. He returned to 
pastor Hebron, with Smith's, Seven Springs and Stanford 
churches 1908-1914. Even when ill health forced him to 


retire he continued an interest in the churches. 

There were no session minutes 1902-1922. During part of 
that time, Rev. W. M. Shaw, son of Colin Shaw, was our pastor. 
This was probably at the same time that he served Grove Church 
where he later returned as President of James Sprunt Insti- 
tute and Superintendent of Public Instruction for Duplin 
County. Another person who brought the Word to Hebron's 
congregation during this time was Rev. J. E. L. Winecoff, 
a North Carolina home mission worker and author of several 
books . 

About 1910 Watter Jones Smith and Albert Smith decided 
to build a school adjoining Hebron on the east side. This 
was a grammar school, probably grades 1-6, lasting 6 months 
or less each year for the children were needed for work on 
the farms. Students, children of Walter and Albert (others 
in the neighborhood had to pay a fee or barter), walked to 
and from school. These were the days when teachers were 
employed to teach at a one-room one-teacher school in a 
community. Teachers were to board one year with Walter's 
family and the next with Albert's. Susan Southerland, 
probably its first teacher, boarded at Walter's. Other 
persons remembered who taught there were Lillian Smith (later 
Southerland), Kathleen Smith (later Grady) and Libby Cooper. 
The school was old-fashioned to us but not so primitive as 
some of the old-time schools we read about. The boys cut 
wood for the cast-iron stove before they came to school. 
They had a well and pitcher pump for water and each child 
brought his own collapsible tin cup. Lunches of biscuits 
with sausage (sometimes even col lards) were brought in a 
tin pail. The school had a blackboard but the students had 
their own slates for doing their individual work. Little 
girls swept leaves into play houses in the wood during 
recess time. A lot of times they all stayed to play ball 
after school. This school existed for only about seven 
years until Pink Hill opened an elementary school. 

In the 1910 era, times were such that a quiet Sunday 
afternoon ride down to the river, with the horse and buggy, 
was still an enjoyable affair. Communication improved as 
newspapers began tc be published on a daily basis and 
rural mail delivery began. As industry was diversifying so 
some farmers were beginning to specialize in poultry and 
tobacco farming. By 1914 automobiles were beginning to 
scare the horses on roads not yet ready for auto traffic. 
The auto's use was limited to the season of the year and 
the depth of the mud. Newspapers were filled with stories 
of the Panama Canal and the sinking of the Titanic but 
these things were in the far outside world. The 1915 report 
to presbytery by W. H. Grady tells us that during that time, 
member Albert S. Maxwell became a minister of the gospel, 
and that in 1913, Malcolm Grady, another member, had been 
received under care as a ministerial student at Westminster 
School near Rutherf ordton , N. C. Reverend Maxwell was 
ordained in 1914. He was led to serve the Lord among the 
Indians of Brazil 1916-1941. Although ill health prevented 
his return to them, his heart was there as he served in 
home missions in the United States. There can be little 
doubt that he was an inspiration to a new generation of 


missionaries as he visited many small churches in Wilming- 
ton Presbytery. Several persons who attended Hebron can 
recall his stirring descriptions of the challenges and the 
rewards of Christian work among the Brazilian Indians. 

The late teen years brought World War I and the buying 
of Thrift stamps for 25C and War stamps for $5. Homes were 
broken, people went away to work in factories. In 1918 the 
flu epidemic was felt throughout the land. The country was 
in turmoil until Nov. 11, 1918--Armistice Day. 

Times were changing--autos became more plentiful and 
more practical. Solid rubber tires and hard roads were im- 
plementing more prolific movement of the people across our 
nation. Radios spread the news faster than ever. 

1920-1924 Rev. George Rouss Faw of Tennessee came to 
serve Hebron with Smith's and Seven Springs Churches. He 
found his bride, Retha Deans, here in Mt. Olive. He went on 
to minister in Kentucky and then Florida. 

In 1924, Pleasant View Church was organized. Hebron 
had a« part in starting their church and up until their 
organization the people of that area were members of Hebron. 
Our elder, Jno. W. Hammersley, was invited to sit on their 
commission for organization. Some of our members were 
there when their church building was dedicated in 1926. 

Hebron's peak membership was in 1924 when the church 
reported 64 members and a Sunday School of 82. Sunday 
School was a joy. Proper dress and wearing your Sunday 
best had become a custom. Easter egg hunts were annual 
events. A Sunday School picnic was a great moment of the 
year with Nannie and Lonnie Smith bringing so much food 
they transported it in a trunk. Children were challenged 
with memorizing Bible verses and the catechisms. Perfect 
attendance was rewarded with a New Testmant for one's very 
own. Hazel Smith Rivenbark can recall when her mother, 
Celia Catherine Smith (or Aunt Cattie as most people called 
her) taught the boys class. Sallie Eliza Smith taught the 
girls. Malcolm Grady was Sunday School superintendent. The 
pride and the devotion given by Sunday School teachers of 
yesteryear is immeasurable. How many crowns they have 
earned in heaven we'll have to wait to find out but prob- 
ably every living adult can honestly recall some great les- 
son as having been learned in Sunday School. The great 
sacrifice of time devoted and the loyal attendance by 
these devoted servants of the church and their excellent 
leadership have made us what we are today. 

By 1926 the old road in front of Hebron was no longer 
a main highway through the country. It had seen the horse- 
back rider, the ox-drawn cart, the mule and cart and many 
horse and buggies; now the automobile was relegating all 
those to the rear. A new paved road (the one we now call 
#11) had changed the flow of traffic and made it possible 
for trips that used to take all day to be accomplished in 
a few hours. 

By the time of the Great Depression, tobacco was the 
chief cash crop for Albertson Township's farmers. The CCC 
and WPA provided employment for many farmers who needed some 
cash to clothe their families. Many persons interviewed 
stressed that their parents were still self-sufficient 


enough that none of them went hungry. Even though purse strings 
were tightened, faith and service to the Lord flowsd without 
limit. While Rev. William Bonner Knox (1929-1931) was pastor 
of the Pink Hill group of churches (including Hebron), nine of 
Hebron's ladies organized an auxiliary. In 1930 they were led 
to raise enough money to give $20 to local causes and $8 to 
benevolence. Their leaders were Mrs. Sal lie Westbrook and Mrs. 
Mamie Heath. 

In 1933, Frank Leroy Goodman of Virginia, ordained an 
evangelist in 1928, was kept busy pastoring Hebron, Grove, 
Hallsville, and Stanford Church in Mt. Olive. 1934-1936, 
Lawrence Weldon Kessler of West Virginia returned to the Pink 
Hill group of churches. He is well remembered by lots of 
people especially for performing the marriage ceremony of Hess 
and Lena Smith Davis. In later years, he was stated clerk of 
Albemarle Presbytery. 

When Pearl Harbor changed our land, Rev. Johnny Ray 
Dickens (1939-1943) was serving our church. There were sudden- 
ly lots of employment and pocket cash. Workers were needed at 
the ship building plant at Wilmington and for the expansion of 
Camp Davis and Camp LeJeune. Hebron had its own Roll of Honor 
and helped support the service social center at Jacksonville, 
North Carolina. Many served in the war effort and kept up the 
morale of the men who went away to fight for our country. Our 
people faced the rationing of sugar, coffee, gasoline, meats, 
fat, butter, cheese, and finally shoes. 

In 1944, Reverend Norman Player Farrior of Rose Hill, who 
had been a missionary to Mexico in 1921 came and served Pink 
Hill, Smith's, Hebron, Pleasant View and Harper Southerland 
churches. He was there as counselor and friend as our young 
men returned from the war. His sincere, sympathetic personality 
appealed to both young and old, who sought to visit him after 
his retirement in 1961, not just because he had bean a devoted 
pastor, but because they enjoyed being with him. 

In 1953, Mr. L. B. Jenkins, prominent tobacconist of 
Kinston, donated $500 to Hebron. This was used for needed 
repairs and improvements to the building and the grounds. 
Prentice W. Smith, Malcolm Grady, and Willard G. Smith were 
elected trustees who might legally hold church property. In 
1955, Hebron's trustees accepted a check for $7,318 which 
was made possible by the last will and testament of Nancy J. 
Smith. She and her husband, Lonnie Smith, were long-time 
members and staunch supporters of Hebron Presbyterian Church 
in their lifetimes. As directed in the will, this money was 
put into trust and is still being used for necessary mainten- 
ance and expense of the church which includes the pastor's salary. 

The 1950 's saw the number of church attendance decreasing 
and the folk of the congregation a bit older. Competition from 
outside sources such as TV removed interest and loyalty. Many 
young people transferred membership to their places of work 
and abode. By the 1960 's Hebron was not lacking in interest 
but short of possibilities. 

This seems to be an appropriate time to pay tribute to 
the person who comes to mind to our older generation whan 
Hebron is mentioned — the man whose presence at Hebron denoted 
stability and continuity for it. Malcolm Grady began his 
church activity (to quote him) "wnile he was still in knee- 
pants." His desire to be a minister of the gospel, probably 


for monetary reasons, was not to be. Hebron Presbyterian 
Church became his avocation drawing on his many talents 
through the years — Sunday School superintendent, teacher of 
a boys' class, organist, pianist, and sought-after Bible 
teacher — teaching "straight from the Bible." It was his 
feeling that next to Christianity, family history is the 
most important. He had detailed mental and written records 
of many eastern North Carolina family histories that brought 
many visitors to his door. Folks say his Christian life was 
an example for others. What better legacy can a man leave 
behind him? 

1966 marked eighty years of Hebron's existence. In 
April Dr. Harold S. Dudley preached at a big ceremony for 
the unveiling of two marble markers. The youngest church 
member, Dwight Nethercutt, unveiled the marker listing 
Hebron's charter members; and Emma Grady, the oldest member, 
unveiled the marker about the organization of the church. 
This celebration was continued in December when Rev. Murphy 
Smith of the First Church at New Bern spoke and the Stanford 
Choir came to sing. Rev. Troy D. Mullis read letters from 
20 former and present members answering, "What Hebron Church 
and Sunday School have meant to me." 

In 1976, Reverend Mullis who had been with the church 
since 1965, wrote a brief history of the church to celebrate 
its 90th birthday. The sermon for this celebration was 
preached by Rev. John Dail and Mrs. Graham Teachey was 
guest pianist. Rev. Mullis of Mecklenburg County, North 
Carolina, was interested not only in the salvation of souls 
but also in the opportunities daily life offered them. His 
volunteer services in both Christian and community organiza- 
tions earned him the respect of many people. His friendship 
is much missed in this community. 

Hebron began the 1980 's with the services of Rev. Bruce 
Ford. In 1982 it was decided to suspend services at Hebron 
for lack of attendance. Its ten members could see that to 
continue was impractical. They did however want to see the 
100th year of this church noted by others — therefore this 
celebration. Hebron Church stands as a memorial to its 
founders and to the glory of God. Even though dormant, its 
cemetery is kept thoroughly clean and the building is kept 
in good repair by Trustee Prentice W. Smith. 

Hebron has made a big contribution to the work of Christ 
and a Christian sentiment in the community and touched the 
lives of many people for good. Hebron's sons and daughters 
have gone forth to all parts of the country to take their 
places in the upbuilding of our national life with the high 
ideals and ambition to succeed instilled in them by their 
Hebron ancestors with the same foundation that their fathers 
built upon. The main thing here now that wasn't here 100 
years ago is us. We have a heritage and responsibility to 
do something good and great with all we have inherited. 

Prepared by Mrs. Ralph Kenan Smith 



Date s Served 

Rev. Colin Shaw (1812-1905) Presbytery evangelist 

1886-1896 Rev. John Dickson Stanford (1833-1901) 

*1897-1899 Rev. Richard Venable Lancaster (1863-1938) 

1898 supply Candidate R. M. Williams 
1891-1905 and 

1908-1914 Rev. Lucien Elonza Wells (1867-1939) 

NA Rev. W. M. Shaw (1857-1917) 

NA Rev. J. E. L. Winecoff (1863-1953) 

*1917-1920 Rev. Richard Venable Lancaster 

1920-1924 Rev. George Rouss Faw (1893-1940) 

1929-1931 Rev. William Bonner Knox (1895- ) 

1931 supply T. Davis 

1932 supply Rev. Everett Lee Gage (1903- ) 

*1933 supply Rev. Lawrence Weldon Kessler (1907- ) 

1933 Rev. Frank Leroy Goodman (1900-1968) 
*1934-1936 Rev. Lawrence Weldon Kessler 

1939-1943 Rev. Johnny Ray Dickens (1908- ) 

1943-1960 Rev. Norman Player Farrior (1890-1970) 

1965-1979 Rev. Troy Dewitt Mullis (1914-1985) 

1980-1981 Rev. Bruce Ford 

This list has been determined by session minutes and records 
at the Presbyterial Foundation, Montreat, N. C. Hebron's 
pastors were always supply pastors and services were held 
once (sometimes twice) a month. There may be other pastors 
who served for brief periods whose names are not recorded. 


Elders : 

Date ordaii 

John Gordon Smith 


Jones R. Smith 


John Whitman 


Zachariah Barfield 


William Henry Grady 


W. J. Grady 


John W. Hammersley 


Willard G. Smith 


Norman Smith 


Horace Nethercutt 


Lucien Grady 


Deacons: Date Ordained Trustees: Date Ordained 

Jones Smith 1886 John G. Smith 1889 

Sherwood Grady 1886 William K. Southerland 1889 

John Whitman NA William H. Grady 1889 

Lonnie Smith 1922 Malcolm Grady 1948 

Hugh Stroud 1922 Willard Smith 1948 

Jean Nethercutt 1965 Prentice W. Smith 1948 

Lena Davis 1965 Lena Davis 1970 



One of the important tasks for celebration of Hebron's 
Centennial was to contact members and friends and 
descendants of its members. Since there is no complete 
list of all the persons who have been members, it was 
decided to concentrate on charter members. Much time and 
effort were put into trying to find the offspring of these 
families who were prominent in Hebron's development. We 
are sorry that lack of time and other limitations made it 
impossible for us to locate and contact everyone who should 
have been included. We did feel a presentation in a con- 
nected and chronological order of the data gathered would 
make an interesting contribution to Hebron's celebration. 

The size and character of this booklet are such that it 
has been impossible to use all the facts gathered. There 
has been a large opportunity for errors. The sources 
themselves vary — tradition, memory, first-hand knowledge, 
family Bibles, legal papers, church minutes, old books 
— often epitaphs with none-too-clear script. 

There has been no attempt to go into extensive ancestry. 
We do try to show the parentage, the siblings of the 
charter members, and then their descendants. Each charter 
member and descendant about whom we have further data is 
given a number. Names underlined are those of charter 
members. Where marriages of two families within the con- 
gregation have occasioned duplication of data, the infor- 
mation may be found in the male line. 

John B. 3arfield (1804-1880), turpentine worker and son of 
Lewis and Charity Grady Barfield md 1849 Eliza Nethercutt 
(1817-1892), dtr of Loftin Nethercutt. 

i. Loftin Barfield (b.1849) md Cornelia Nethercutt 

ii. Zachariah Barfi eld (1851-1918) d unm 

iii. Catherine Barfield (b abt 1853) 

iv. Percy Ann Barf ield -1916 dismissed to La Grange 

v. Charity Barfield (b abt 1859) 

vi. John Burrus Garfield (b abt 1862) 

Charles Clinton Grady (b abt 1846), son of Timothy and 
Elizabeth A. Grady md 1/ Susan Ann Newell, 2/ Theodosia 

i. Elizabeth Grady md John William Grady 
1 i i . Geo rgia Frances Grady 

iii. William H. Grady md Janey Stroud 


b-born abt-about 
d-died md-married 
♦-duplicated elsewhere 

dtr-daughter NA-not available 
unm-unmarried w-wife 





GRADY #1 (continued) 
iv. Delia Grady md Tilden Summerlin 

v. Needham Grady md Annie Best 
vi. Timothy Grady md Blanche Williams 
vii. Putsey Ann Grady md Hugh Muse 

1. Georgia Franc es Grady md William Gaston Kornegay 

*i. Hattie Kornegay md Leslie Smith (see Simmons) 
ii. Bessie Kornegay, teacher, d urni 

2 iii. Thad Kornegay 

3 iv. Alvin (Red) Kornegay 

4 v. Harvey Kornegay 

2. Thad Kornegay md Annie Tyndall 

i. Elizabeth A. Kornegay (Bo) md L. C. Southerland 

3. Alvin (Red) Kornegay md Pearl Tyndall 

i. Evelyn Frances Kornegay md Layton Cochran 

4. Harvey Kornegay md Ellie Swann 

i. Billy Kornegay 
ii. Charlene Kornegay 


William Grady (1780-1853) md 1/ Charlotte Grady 2/ Percy Barfield 
i. Barbara Grady (b abt 18 24) d unm, lived with 

her brother, Sherwood, and later with her niece, 
Lucy Grady Southerland 

1 i i . Sherwood G rady 

2 iii. Ahaz Grady 

*iv.. Marian Grady (1814^1900), 2nd w of Daniel Simmons 
v. Eliza Grady (b 1810) md Henry G. Grady 

3 vi . John Grady 

vii. Catherine Grady (b 1322) md William W. Grady 
viii. Winfrey Grady 

ix. Winford Grady (1820-1883) md Charity Grady 

4 x . Lucy A. Grady 

xi. Percy William Grady (1831-1918) md Ella Guy 
xii. Charlotte "Lottie" Grady 

1. Sherwood Gra dy (1813-1889) md Harriet Grady (1811-1888), 
d-zr of Henry and Elizabeth Outlaw Grady and widow of 
Frederick Jackson 

i. Martha Grady (b 1339) md Hsnry Grimes 

5 ii . Willi am Hsnry Grady 

6 iii. Mary Elizabeth Grady 

2. Ahaz Grady (1816-1891) md Martha E lizabe th Grady (1840- 
1928) dtr of Alexander H. and Rebecca Best Grady 

7 i. Lucy Catherine Grady 

ii. Mary Frances Grady md Henry Revel le Harper 

8 iii. Martha Elizabeth (Betty) Grady 

iv. Lucy C. Grady 

3. John Grady (1818-1898) md Celia Uzzell 

9 9 . William Jo shua Grad y 

4. Lucy A. Grady (b 1819) md 1845 David C. Kornegay 

i. Mary C. Kornegay, d young 
ii. Barbara Kornegay (1850-1928) md John Lewis Pate 
10 iii. William Wright Kornegay 

iv. Hepsey W. Kornegay (b 1858) md Pinckney Grady 

v. Zilpha Kornegay (b 1860) 


GRADY #2 (continued) 
vi. Mary E. Kor aegay (b 18 62) 
vii. Chauncey Kornegay (b 1867) 
*5. Willi am Henry Grady (1841-1921) md 1870 Emmaline Simmons 
(1843-1921), dtr of Daniel Simmons 

11 i. Albert Sidney Grady 

ii. Zebulon Vance Grady ( 1873-1904 \ 
iii. Raphael Semmes Grady (b 1874 , d un.Ti) 

12 iv. Fontaine Maary Grady 

13 v. Preston Brooks Grady 

14 vi. Emma line Grady 

vii. Maude Grady md 1/ L. G. Grady, 2/ William Whitted 
viii. Malcolm Laurens Grady (1885-1970, d unu) 

6. Mary Elizabeth Grady (1845-1903) md Dr. John F. Maxwell 

15 i. Durwood Maxwell 

16 ii. Johanna (Johnnie) Maxwell 

17 iii. Mabel Vane Maxwell 

iv. Genevieve (Vivie) Maxwell 

18 v. Ermengarde (Ermie) Maxwell 

7. Lucy Catherine Grady (b 1868) md James Lemuel Southerland 

i. Linda F. Southerland (b 1883) 

19 ii. Lula May Southerland 

20 iii. James Kedar Southerland 

21 iv. Joseph Blanchard Southerland 

22 v. Mary Magdalene Southerland 

8. Martha Elizabeth Grady (b 1867 ) md William Kedar Southerland 

i. John F. Southerland (1897-1943) md Sallie Grady 
ii. Peda Southerland (b 1891) 

9. William Joshua Grady (b 1865) md Katie Verda Ford 

*i. Verda Bell Grady md D. G. Simmons (see Simmons) 

ii. Byron McRae Grady (1900-1913) 
iii. Charles William Grady (b 1903) 

iv. Mary Ellen Grady md Herman Wooten Sperson 
v. Paul Allen Grady (b 1908) 
*vi. Katie Susan Grady md Faison Smith (see Simmons) 

10. William Wright Kornegay 

i. Farro Jackson Kornegay 

11. Albert Sidney Grady md 1/ Carrie K. English, 2/ Sammie Way 

23 i. Daniel Henry Grady 

12. Fontaine Maury Grady (b 1875) md 1/ Bessie Werts, 2/ Ada 
Dickerson. 3/ Mytis Eva Stone 

i. William Thomas Grady 

13. Preston Brooks Grady (b 1877) md Carrie Bell Smith 

i. Preston Henry Grady 
ii. Frances Emily'Grady 

14. Emmaline Grady (1879-1969) md Stephen Hampton Grady 

i. William Hampton Grady 
ii. Lucien Alexander Grady 

15. Durwood Maxwell md Sadie Tyndall 

i. Hugh Maxwell md Helen Ragsdale 
ii. Ruby Mae Maxwell md Walter Godwin 
iii. Rose Maxwell (twin) md Johnny Watlington 
iv. Violet Maxwell (twin) md 1/ Emmett Rogers 

2/ Leland Grady 

16. Johanna (Johnnie) Maxwell md Jesse Williamson 

24 i. Jesse Flavius Williamson md Carrie Williams 


GRADY #2 (continued) 

17. Mabel Vane Maxwell md Plunkett Holt 

i. Mary Holt md D. Richardson 
ii. Robert Holt md Helen Stokes 
iii. Lizzie Holt md Leo Watlington 
iv. Rommie Holt md Helen McClarren 

18. Ermengarde (Ermie) Maxwell md William Rufus (Bill) Gooding 

i. Harriette Gooding md Walter Rhue 
ii. John William Gooding md Lillian Albertson 
iii. Victoria Gooding md David K. Brooks 

19. Lula May Southerland (b 1891) md Mark Nicholas Smith 

i. Eugene Pershing Smith 
ii. Themise Catharine Smith 
iii. Vara Ellen Smith 
iv. James Oliver Smith 

v. John Braswell Smith 
vi. Mark Lewis Smith 
*20. James Kedar Southerland ( 1888-1968) md Patty Aldridge (1895-1971) 
i. Martha Elizabeth Southerland 
ii. Edna Viola Southerland md Raymond Turner 
iii. James Thomas (JT) Southerland 

21. Joseph Blanchard Southerland (b 1899) md Frances A. Bishop 

i. Joseph Blanchard Southerland, Jr. 
ii. Lemuel Chancey Southerland 

22. Mary Magdalene Southerland md Harvey R. Harper 

i. Leamon Revel le Harper 
ii. Iris Vivian Harper 

23. Daniel Henry Grady 

i . R. Mark Grady 
ii. J. Thomas Grady 

24. Flavius Williamson md Carrie Williams 

i. Harold (Pete) Williamson md Wilma Gray Smith 
ch Dexter Johnny & Debra Williamson 
ii. James Williamson 
iii. Bob Williamson 
iv. Betty Grey Williamson md ( ) Humphrey 

v. Joyce Ann Williamson md ( ) Taylor 
vi. Linda Faye Williamson md ( ) Howard 


John Lewis Holland md Letitia Kornegay, dtr of Abraham and 
Susan Grady Kornegay 

1 i. Laura F. Holland 

ii. Mary C. Holland md Louis Price 
iii. Victoria Holland (in 1860 census only) 
iv. Louisa Holland (in 1860 census only) 
v. Gideon G. Holland md 1/ ( ) Herring 2/ Delia 

*vi. Ann Holland md 1/ Jacob Smith 2/ H. Frank Grady 
vii. Margaret (Mag) Holland md Arthur J. (Dock) Beaman 

2 viii. Ge o rge C. Holland 

3 ix. Dora Susan Holland 

1. Laura F. Holland md Franklin Oliver Grady 

*i. Henry Franklin Grady md 1/ Laura Holland 

2/ An n H olland Smith 


HOLLAND (continued) 

2. Georae C. Holland (1868-1931) md 1887 Omega Smith (1875- 
1945), dtr of Jacob James and Mary Elinor Smith 

i. Grace Holland 
ii. Troy Kent Holland md Essie Williams 
iii. Jamie Holland (1893-1910) 
*iv. Laura Holland md H. Frank Grady 

v. Leatrice Holland 

3. Dora Susan Ho ll and (1872-1947) md 1890 John Edward Hussey, 
son of John Edward and Zilpha Ann Smith Grady Hussey 


i . 

John Raymond Hussey 

ii . 

& iii. Arthur & Bessie Hussey (d young) 


iv . 

Edward Hussey 


v . 

Wilbur Hussey 


vi . 

Laura Mae Hussey 

vii . 

Graden Hussey (1906-1982) md Margaret C. Grady 


viii . 

Benjamin Franklin Hussey 



Thurman Hussey 

4. John Raymond Hussey md Beaula Grant 

i. Leonard (Buddy) Hussey 
ii. Idell Hussey 
iii. Effie Hussey 
iv. Hazel Hussey 

5. Edward Hussey md Swannie Quinn 

i. Audrey Hussey 

6. Wilbur Hussey md Cornelia Rouse 

i. Wilbur Hussey, Jr. 
ii. Elsie Hussey 

7. Laura Mae Hussey md 1/ Don Newsome 1/ Edward Grady 

i . Dora Mae Newsome 

8. Benjamin Franklin Hussey (Benny) md 1/ Lena Herring 2/ Elizabeth 

10 i. Gay Marie Hussey Cobb 

9. Thurman Hussey (1898-1978) md Mattie Bernice Byrd 

11 i. Harold Scott Hussey 

12 ii. Adrian Leroy Hussey 

10. Gay Marie Hussey md Bill Sullivan 

13 i. Brenda Carol Sullivan 

14 ii. Benishia Sullivan 

11. Harold Scott Hussey md Joyce Elizabeth McCall 

15 i. Berrie Elizabeth Hussey 

12. Adrian Leroy Hussey md 1/ Geneva Whitfield 2/ Sally Bunker 3/( ) 

16 i. Harold Hussey 

ii. John Edward Hussey md Patricia May, dtr SheriLynn 
iii. Ryan Hussey 
iv. Brian Husdey 

v. Benjamin Scott Hussey 
vi . Bernice Marie Hussey 

13. Brenda Carol Sullivan md Ronald Douglas Cherry 

i. Timothy Brian Cherry 
ii. Mark Douglas Cherry 
iii. Anita Joyce Cherry 

14. Beneshia Sullivan md Durwood M. Price 

i. Summer Kristen Price 
ii. Meredith Grady Price 

15. Berrie Elizabeth Hussey md Alfred E. Brough 

i. Suzanne Elizabeth Brough 

ii. David Thomas Brough 

iii. Devin Scott Brough 


HOLLAND (continued) 
16. Harold Hussey md Marian Gale Brake 
i. Raymond Michael Hussey 
ii. Thurman Jeffrey Hussey 


Amos Jones (1830-1914) md Charlotte Eveline Kornegay (1828- 
1917), dtr of Abraham and Susan Grady Kornegay, and widow 
of Alsa Best. Her children by her first marriage were Susan 
(Mrs. Wms. Mercer), Mary Catherine and John Robert Best 

1 i . Agn es Ann Jones 

ii. Clarissa Jones md Frank Maxwell 

2 iii. Ashley J., Jo nes 

1. Agnes Ann Jones ( 1861-1934 ) md John Mosely Smith (1864-1945) 

3 i. Albert Smith 

4 ii. Jones Matthew (Mack) Smith 

5 iii. Henry Lee Smith 

6 iv. Floyd E. Smith 

7 v. Johnny Agnes Smith 

*vi. Tirzah E. Smith md John Shepherd (see Smith) 

2. Ashley J. Jones (1866-1927 ) md Susan Idella Quinn (1869-1929) 

8 i. Clara Estelle Jones 

ii. Georgia Jones md Simpson Harper 
iii. Amos Jones md DeNa Stanley 
iv. Myrtie Jones md 1/ ( ) Harper 2/ Reuben Potter 
v. Wesley Jones 

3. Albert Smith (1870-1960) md Dawnie Smith (1893-1931) 

i. Annie Mae Smith 
ii. Evelyn Smith md Norman Smith (see Smith) 

4. Jones Matthew (Mack) Smith (b 1891) md Essie lone Smith (1896-1935) 
Bill Smith (d unm) 
Doris Smith md Roger Strickland 
Mamie Ruth Smith 

Russell Smith md Retha Mae Herring 
Gordon Smith 

Marie Smith md Hatliet Jarvis 
John Shelton Smith 
Smith (1893-1956) md Eliza Grady 
Mary Evelyn Smith (d young) 
Dorothy Lee Smith 
Mary Edna Smith 
Martha W. Smith 
Henry Allen Smith (d 1985 unm) 
Joyce Eliza Smith 

Shirley Ramona Smith (d 1986 unm) 

6. Floyd E. Smith (b 1894) md Emma Haskins 

14 i. F. E. Smith, Jr. 

15 ii. Emma Jean Smith 

16 iii. Carolyn Smith 

7. Johnny Agnes Smith (b 1896) md Johnny C. Smith 

17 i. Gracen Smith (twin) 
ii. Graham Smith (twin) 

18 iii. Leland Smith 

iv. Fitzhugh Smith md Zelda ( ) 
v. Agnes Smith md ( ) Russ 

19 vi. Nell Smith 

l . 

ii . 


iii . 



vi . 

vii . 



i . 


ii . 


iii . 





vi . 

vii . 


JONES (continued) 

8. Clara Estelle Jones (1887-1967) md Clarence Sutton 

i. Herman Sutton 

20 ii. Viola Sutton 

iii. Harold Sutton md Rae Rouse 
iv. Morris Sutton 
v. Pauline Sutton 

9. Mamie Ruth Smith md Robert Carlton Teel 

i. Carlton Teel 
ii. Doris Marie Teel md William Blake Langley 

10. Dorothy Lee Smith md Robert Francis Rochwick 

21 i. Robert Allen Rochwick 

11. Mary Edna Smith md James Patrick Price 

i. Bryan Patrick Price md Barbara J. Garner 

22 ii. Edna Lyle Price (twin) 

23 iii. Edith Lynn Price (twin) 

iv. Phyllis Lee Price 

12. Martha W. Smith md William Norwood Bobbitt 

24 i. Norwood Lee Bobbitt 

25 ii. Martha Ann Bobbitt 

13. Joyce Eliza Smith md Haywood Earl (Bill) Smith 

i. Rev. Haywood Allen Smith md Maleah Williamson 

26 ii. Joyce Diane Smith 

iii. Cheryl Lynn Smith md John A. Rouse 

14. F. E. Smith, Jr. md Catherine Hill 

i. Manena Smith md Dwight Buck, dtr Tina Louise Buck 

27 ii. Gary Smith 

15. Emma Jean Smith md Horace Nethercutt 

i. Dwight Nethercutt 

16. Carolyn Smith md Jimmy Johnson 

i. Al Johnson 
ii. Patrick Johnson 

17. Gracen Smith (d 1984) md Ramona Herring 

i. Betinia Smith 

18. Leland Smith md Ruby Mae Swinson 

28 i. Thomas Earl Smith 

29 ii. Mary Elizabeth Smith 

19. Nell Smith md John Harold Jarman 

i. Avery Jarman md 1986 Carolyn Hill 
ii. Yvonne Jarman md 1985 Victor Glenn Sanderson 

20. Viola Sutton md Willard Jones 

i. Nora Jones (1925-1945) 

30 ii. Norwood (Bud) Jones 

iii. Willard Jones, Jr. dtr Jo Anne Jones 

31 iv. Delma Linwood Jones 

21. Robert Allen Rochwick md Vicki Lynn Barton 

i. Amanda Elizabeth Rochwick 
ii. Robert Benjamin Rochwick 

22. Edna Lyle Price md Dr. Paul Dennis Hayes 

i. Justin Hayes 
ii. Jarrett Hayes 

23. Edith Lynn Price md Dr. George Horace Moore 

i. Andrew Moore 

24. Norwood Lee Bobbitt md Nancy Elaine Cottingham 

i. Emily Cathryn Bobbitt 

25. Martha Ann Bobbitt md Robert L. May 

i . Courtney Lauren May 


JONES (continued) 

26. Joyce Diane Smith md Randolph Allison Tyner 

i. Christian Randolph Tyner 
ii. Jonathan Mark Tyner 
iii. Mary Elizabeth Tyner 

27. Gary Smith md Vivian ( ) 

i. Gary Smith, Jr. 

ii. Hope Smith 
iii. Nicole Smith 

28. Thomas Earl Smith md Donna Sanderson 

i. Tracy Ann Smith 
ii. Kelly Denise Smith 
iii. Abbie Jo Smith 

29. Mary Elizabeth Smith md Fred Chitty 

i. Leslie Ann Chitty 

30. Norwood A. (Bud) Jones md Tina Rouse 

■i. Debbie Jones md ( ) King, son Dustin Shane King 
ii. Dennis Jones 
iii. Danny Jones, children Tammy and Dana Jones 

31. Delma Linwood Jones 

i. Jackie Jones Stroud, dtr Tiffany Ambre Cecile Davis 
ii. Keith Dewayne Jones 
*iii. Donna Lynn Jones md 1985 Wayland Thomas Davis, Jr 

Georgia KENNEDY (Howard) (see Smith) 


Daniel Kornegay (b abt 1819) md Martha J. Dail (b abt 1827) 
i. Laura Kornegay (b abt 1847) 
ii. Mary E. Kornegay (b abt 1849) 
iii. Sarah J. Kornegay (b abt 1851) 
iv. Delia Kornegay (b abt 1853) 
1 v . James Dudley Korneg ay 

vi. Virginia Kornegay (b abt 1858) 
vii. Nicodemus Kornegay (b 1852) md Alice Goodson 
viii. Thomas J. Kornegay (b abt 1864) md Alice Daley 
ix. Samuel E. Kornegay (b abt 1866) 
x. Wooten Kornegay md 1/ Arrie Sugg 2/ Lola Smith 
1. Jam es D udley K ornegay ( 1855-1921 ) md Anne E. Bennett (1860-1911) 
i. Franklin Kornegay (b 1879) md Beulah Outlaw 
ii. Sarah (Sally) Kornegay (1881-1947) md Clarence 


iii. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Kornegay (b 1882) md Arthur 


iv. Shadrach Kornegay (1885-1952) md Ethel Kilpatrick 

v. Nannie Kornegay (1887-1889) 
vi. Effie Clifton Kornegay (b 1889) md Frank Shepherd 
vii. Blanche Kornegay (b 1893) md Howard Kennedy 
viii. Laura Kornegay (b 1395, d unm) 

ix. Jimmie Marie Kornegay (1897) md Roland Thomas 

x. Olive Ruffin Kornegay (1900-1903) 
xi. Angeleta Kornegay (b 1903) md Henry Tyndall 


Lucy G. KORNEGA* (see Grady) 
Emma PHILLIPS (see Quinn) 


Benjamin Franklin (Frank) Puckett (b abt 1850) md Nancy 
Southerland (1849-1932), dtr of Thomas and Emily Williams 
Souther land 

1 i . William Co oper Pu cket t 

2 ii. Ella_V^_Puckett 
iii. Lem Puckett 

iv. Jim Puckett 

v. Frank Puckett 
vi. Claude Puckett 
vii. Mae Puckett 

1. William Cooper Puckett (1871-1960) md 1/ Victoria Whit- 
field (1874-1907), 2/ ^ddie Sullivan (1875-1953) 

3 i. Herman puckett 

4 ii. Raymon Puckett 

5 iii. Vivian Puckett 

6 iv. Beulah Puckett 

v. Johnnie F. Puckett (1897-1899) 

vi. Theady Puckett (1906-1910) 

2. Ella V. Pu cke tt md Richard Summer 1 in 

i. Walter Summerlin (d young) 
ii. Eva Summerlin (d in her 20s) 
iii. Norwood Summerlin md Sal lie Adams, dtr Edna (d young) 
iv. Alice Summerlin md Webb Jones 

7 v. Laura Mae Summerlin 

vii. Charity Bell Summerlin (d young) 
vii. Lem Summerlin md Essie Summerlin 

8 viii. Zeb Summerlin 

9 ix. Janie Summerlin 

10 x. Nettie Summerlin 

11 xi. Ruby Summerlin 

xii. Richard Allen Summerlin (d young) 

3. Herman Puckett md Susie Price 

12 i. Paul Puckett 

13 ii. Magdalene Puckett 

4. Raymon Puckett md Luna Pear sail 

i . baby boy ( d young ) 
ii. Royal Henderson Puckett (killed WW II, unm) 
iii. Billy Foster Puckett (unm) 

14 iv. Hilda Puckett 

15 v. John Raymond Puckett 

16 vi . Gaynelle Puckett 
vii. Ralph Keith Puckett 

5. Vivian Puckett (1904-1979) md Edgar Britt 

17 i. Doris Britt 

6. Beulah Puckett (1901-1970) md Robert Waters 

18 i. William Nelson Waters 

19 ii. Robert Wilton Waters 

20 iii. Beulah Hazel Waters 

21 iv. Mary Edna Waters 

22 v. Henry Oliver Waters 


PUCKETT (continued) 

23 vi . Sarah Victoria Waters 

24 vii. Cecil Donald Waters 

viii. infant boy b&d 25 Sept. 1939) 

25 ix. Betty Lou Waters 

*x. Nellie Virginia Waters md Larry West Davis (see Smith) 

7. Laura Mae Summer 1 in md Dan Price 

26 i. Warren Price 

27 ii. Muriel Price 

28 iii. Eunice Price 

8. Zeb Summerlin md Carrie Kornegay 

i. Harold Summerlin md Irene Jones 

29 ii. Louise Summerlin 

30 iii. Donald Summerlin 

9. Janie Summerlin md Leslie Kornegay 

31 i. Eleanor Kornegay 

ii. Geraldine Kornegay (unm) 

32 iii. Darrell Kornegay 
3 3 iv. Linwood Kornegay 

10. Nettie Summerlin md Ralph Waters 

34 i. J. W. Waters 

11. Ruby Summerlin md Archie Hall 

35 i. Reba Hall 

ii. Patsy Hall md Manny Page, ch Gina & Marshall 

12. Paul Puckett md Carrie Jones 

i. Carolyn Joan Puckett md 1/ W. A. Bui lard 2/ Robert 
L. Jacobs, ch Amy Carolyn and Ryan Worth Bui lard 
ii. Paul Nelson Puckett md Gail Marie Smith 
ch Heidi Marie and Paul Puckett, Jr. 

13. Magdalene Puckett md 1/ Frankie Shivar 2/ Phil Howell 

36 i. W. H. Shivar 

37 ii. Emmett Earl Shivar 

14. Hilda Puckett md Marvin James Lambert, Jr. 

38 i. James Royal Lambert 

ii. Billy Jacqueline Lambert 

15. John Raymond Puckett md Mary Louise Glick 

i. Mark Puckett 
ii. Karen Louise Puckett 
iii. Christopher Puckett 

16. Gaynelle Puckett md Billy McCoy Summerlin 

i. Billy Gay Summerlin 
ii. Raymond McCoy Summerlin 
iii. Tracie Summerlin 

17. Doris Britt md Perry Smith 

i. Diane Smith 
ii. Terry K. Smith (twin) 
iii. Perry Smith, Jr. (twin) 
iv. Dot Smith 

18. William Nelson Waters md Marie Boyette 

39 i. William Nelson Waters, Jr. 

ii. Judy Elaine Waters md DeWitt Smith 
ch Holly Jane and Anna Waters Smith 
iii. Anita Gail Waters 

19. Robert Wilton Waters, Sr. md Edna Cole 

i. Robert Wilton Waters, Jr. md Deborah Going 
ii. Janice Inez Waters md Richard Tyler 


PUCK6TT (continued) 

20. Beulah Hazel Waters md Adolph Kornegay 

40 i. Jimmy Randolph Kornegay 

ii. Billy Edward Kornegay md Mary Yelverton 
ch Brad and Brian Kornegay 

41 iii. Deborah Kaye Kornegay 

iv. Michael Waters Kornegay 

21. Mary Edna Waters md Henry M. West, Jr. 

i. Tarla Maria West md Bart Smith 
ii. Lisa Dawn West 
iii. Amy Michelle West 

22. Henry Oliver Waters, Sr. md Eleanor Ruth Jones 

i. Henry Oliver West, Jr. md Michele Howard 
ii. Curtis James West md Sheila Summerlin, dtr Renee W. 
iii. Phillip Bryan West 

23. Sarah Victoria Waters md Ray Franklin Smith 

i. Teresa Smith md Johnny Lanier 
ii. Timothy Wayne Smith md Nanette Blizzard 
dtr Laura Ashley S. 

24. Cecil Donald Waters, Sr. md Elsie Hodges 

i. Cecil Donald Waters, Jr. 
ii. Elizabeth Barrett Waters 

25. Betty Lou Waters md Cecil Everette Kornegay 

i. Douglas Everette Kornegay md Oma Lockamy 
ii. Da^id Glenn Kornegay 

26. Warren Price md Marie Thompson, ch Douglas, Timothy and 

Danny Price 

27. Muriel Price md Clayton Padgett 

i. Rebecca Padgett md Ralph Justice 
ii. Gene Padgett md Christy ( ) , 2 ch 

28. Eunice Price md W. B. Boyette 

i. Billy Joe Boyette md Sandra Keen 
ii. Bennett Boyette md Johnny Myers, ch Brad & Bryan M. 
iii. Mike B. and Vickie Justice 

29. Louise Summer lin md Allen Quinn, chDarrell, Billy and Roger (deed) 

30. Donald Summerlin md Patsy Kelly, ch Debbie, Cathy and Ricky S. 

31. Eleanor Kornegay md Lennie Howard, ch Len, Jan and Billy H. 

32. Darrell Kornegay md Elva Young, ch Ricky and Lori K. 

33. Linwood Kornegay md Dottie Wesley, ch Nancy and Stephen K. 

34. J. W. Waters md Sylvia Shackelford 

i. Beverly Waters md William Davis 

35. Reba Hall md Jimmy Stamp 

i . Terry Stamp 
ii. Shirley Stamp md ( ) Church 
iii. Jamie Stamp 

36. W. H. Shivar md Lois Outlaw 

i. Jeanette Shivar md Craig Snook 

37. Emmett Earl Shivar md 1/ Joyce J ) 2 /Janice Howard 3/Kathy Price 

i. Chris Shivar 
ii. Rhonda Shivar md John Edwards 

38. James Royal Lambert md Mary Jo Bundy, ch Mary Jennings Lambert 

and James Royal Lambert, Jr 

39. William Nelson Waters, Jr. md Carolyn Raynor 

i. Christian Maria Waters 
ii. Stephen Waters (twin) 
iii. William Nelson Waters III (twin) 

40. Jimmy Randolph Kornegay md 1/ Carol Holloman, 2/ Vickie ( ) 
ch James Randolph, Tucker, and Justin Kornegay 


PUCKETT (continued) 
41. Deborah Kaye Kornegay md Hervy Kornegay 
i. Christopher Chad Kornegay 
ii. Jeffrey Todd Kornegay 
iii. Jonathan Hargett Kornegay 
iv. Paul Robert Kornegay 


George Quinn (1826-1890) md Sarah Moody (1830-1894; 
i. Nancy Quinn 
ii. William I. Quinn (b abt 1856) md Susan Phillips 
iii. John Quinn 
iv. Harriet Quinn 

v. Barney Quinn 
vi. Mary Quinn 
vii. Martha (Myrtie) Quinn 
viii. George Frank Quinn 

1 ix. Alonza Allen Quinn 

*x. Susan Idella Quinn md Ashley J. Jones (see Jonas) 
xi. Samuel Quinn (d young) 
xiL. Furnie Quinn (1872-1886) 

1. Alonza Allen Quinn (1854-1922) md 1888 Emm a Phillips, 
(1871-1950), dtr of M. J. Phillips and Mary Moody 

i. Clarence (CE) Quinn md 1/ Kay Ferrell 2/ Ruth ( ) 
ii. Lane Quinn (b 1893, d young) 
iii. Lula Quinn (b 1895, d young) 

2 iv. Tommy Quinn 

2. Tommy Quinn md Viola Williams 

i. Thomas Quinn 
ii. Wilma Gray Quinn 
iii. Allen Quinn 
iv. Winnie Quinn 

v. Bobby Quinn 
vi . Jimmy Quinn 


Daniel Hargett Simmons (1802-1889), son of Daniel and 
Penelope Hargett Simmons md 1/ Eliza Ann Grady, 2/ * Marian 
Grady (1814-1900), (see Grady) 


Stephen Hargett Simmons 

ii . 

Mary C. Simmons (1835-1836) 


iii . 

Ann Eliza Simmons 



Francis Alexander Simmons 



Amos Williams Simmons 


vi . 

Nancy P. (Pennie) Simmons 


vii . 

Sally N. Simmons 


viii . 

Julia Simmons 

ix . 

Catherine Simmons (1840-1853) 


x . 

Barbara Simmons 


Emmeline Simmons md William Henry Grady (see Grady) 

1. Stephen Hargett Simmons (1825-1907) md 1/ Jane Smith 
2/ Sophie Ann Smith 
9 i. Franklin Pierce Simmons 


SIMMONS (continued) 
ii. William Rufus Simmons md Frances Seaward 
iii. George Fisher Simmons md 1/ Meb Taylor 
2/ Catherine Taylor 
iv. Eliza Ann (Lydia) Simmons md Phineas Davis 

10 v. Charity (Chellie) Simmons 

2. Ann Eliza Simmons (1826-1879) md Joseph Whitfield Outlaw 

i. Daniel Outlaw (b 1852 ) md ( ) Whitfield 

11 ii. Cora A. Outlaw 

12 iii. Nancy Catherine Outlaw 

13 iv. Lewis Henry Outlaw 

14 v. Needham Francis Outlaw 

15 vi . Lizzie C. Outlaw 

16 vii. Joseph E. Johnston Outlaw 

17 viii. Alonza Outlaw 

3. Francis Alexander Outlaw (1828-1898) md Alice Cannon 
He was with Duplin Riflemen at Gettysburg and Appomattox 

18 i. Alice V. Simmons 

4. Amos Wil liams S imm ons ( 1830-1910 ) md Exer line Ann Gamer 

19 i. Ida Simmons 

20 ii. Marion Simmons 

21 iii. Henrietta Simmons 

iv. Peter Simmons, d unm 

22 v. Nathan Simmons 
2 3 vi. Emma Simmons 

24 vii. Robert E. Simmons 

25 viii. Sarah Winifre d Simmons 

26 ix. Louisa Simmons 

27 x. Penelope Elizabeth Simmons 

5. Nancy P. (Pennie) Simmons (1832-1904) md 1/ Austin 
Swinson 2/ John Blalock 

28 i. Laura Swinson 

ii. Catherine Swinson md Jesse Vause 
iii. Levi Swinson :nd Lou Baley 
iv. Charles Swinson, d unm 
v. John David Blalock 

6. Sally N. Simmons (1834-1864) md Pinckney Hill 

i. Ashley T. Hill, d unm 

29 ii. Ida Hill 

7. Julia Simmons (1837-1864) md Lemuel Casey 

30 i. Mary Elizabeth Casey 

31 ii. Wilhelmina (Will) Casey 

8. Barbara Simmons (1841-1895) md Alexander Patterson 

i. Addie Patterson md Parrot Mewborn, his 3rd wife 
*32 ii. Samuel Tilden Patterson md Eula E. Smith 

9. Franklin Pierce Simmons (1855-1912) md 1/ Margaret Jones 
2/ Ann Grimes 

L. Gertrude Simmons 
ii. Forest Leland Simmons 
iii. Henry Aldin Simmons 
iv. Davis Eldred Simmons 
33 v. Waldo Emerson Simmons 

vi. Bernice Victoria Simmons 
vii. Lois Vivian Simmons 
viii. Annie Grimes Simmons 
10. Charity (Chellie) Simmons md Edward Demoral Ford 
i. Clarence Ford 
ii. Elbert Ford md Minnie Forbes 


SIMMONS (continued) 
iii. Seth Davis Ford mu Eula ( ) 

34 iv. Elizabeth Ford 

v. Addie Verdell Ford 
vi . E. Leroy Ford 

11. Cora A. Outlaw (b 1854) md Thomas Woodley Becton 

i. Alice Becton md Jason Loftin 
ii. Ida Becton md Daniel Creel 
iii. Lizzie Becton md Lafayette Dougherty 
iv. Joseph Becton 

12. Nancy Catherine Outlaw (1856-1908) md 1/ Pinckney A. Coe 
2/ James Matthew Dawson 

i. Minnie Lee Coe (b 1889) 
ii. Glennie Elizabeth Coe (b 1880) md Alexander Lewis 
iii. Fannie Clyde Coe (b 1883) 
iv. Lessie Ethyal Coe (1884-1971) md Frances W. Horton 

13. Lewis Henry Outlaw (1858-1911) md Bettie A. Vause 

*i. Rev. Cecil Foy Outlaw md 1/ Lillian Smith 

2/ Effie Smith 
ii. Addie Mae Outlaw (b 1885) 
iii. Bonnie Joe Outlaw (1887-1921) md Claude D. Brown 
iv. Jessie Herbert outlaw (b 1887) md Mary Goolsby 

v. Bela Outlaw (twin) 
vi . Lela Outlaw (twin) md Melvin Reed 
vii. Geraldine Outlaw (b 1894) md Ira F. Cates 
viii. Maude E. Outlaw md Murray H. Grant 
ix. Joseph Outlaw md Ellen Grant 

x. Henry B. Outlaw md Alberta Smith 
xi . Elizabeth Outlaw md W. R. McGeorge 

14. Needham Francis Outlaw md Rachel Elizabeth Whitfield 

i. Walter Outlaw 
ii. Lonnie Outlaw 

15. Lizzie C. Outlaw md Parrot H. Mewborn 

35 i. Joe Mewborn 

16. Joseph E. Johnston Outlaw md Lillie C. Hinson 

i. Delia Outlaw 
ii. Joe Outlaw 

17. Alonza Outlaw md 1/ Margaret E. Kornegay 2/ Latie Outlaw 

i. Margaret Outlaw 
ii. Alonza Outlaw 
iii. J. C. Outlaw 
iv. Donald Outlaw 

18. Alice V. Simmons md ( ) Smith 

i. Alice Smith md Douglas Phillips 

19. Ida Simmons md Frederick Becton Hammond 

i. Frederick Becton Hammond 
ii. Cleta Dell Hammond md Frank Torrance 
iii. Mary Bell Hammond md Ernest Bass 
iv. Henrietta Hammond 

v. Eliza Hammond md 1/ ( ) Faucette 2/ John Tunnin 
vi . Juanita Hammond md Jack Tucker 
vii. Samuel Hammond 
viii. Walter Bryan Hammond (1900-1902) 
ix. Grace Menta Hammond 

20. Marion Simmons md Delia Kornegay 

36 i. Willie Simmons 

37 ii . Mattie Simmons 

38 iii. Everett Simmons 


SIMMONS (continued) 


i v 

riJ-iiiiJ-t: OiHUUUIlo 

v . 

^leveiana oimmons \ i oo d — i ? I ? , unrrw 


* vi . 

Daniel Green Simmons md Verda Belle Grady 

vii . 

Virginia Dare Simmons md Bruce Pate 

viii . 

Clemmons Simmons (b&d 1879) 

ix . 

narion i_ . oimmons ( loDo myy ) 

21. Henrietta 

oimmons uoD4-iy^ ) ma JacoD bmitn 


i . 

Ressie Smith 


ii . 

Mildred Smith 


iii . 

Mollie Smith 



Leslie Smith 

22. Nathan Simmons md Addie Hinson 

i . 

Leon Joseph Simmons md Lydia Montague 
ch Leon Joseph & Sally Ana Simmons 

A A 

ii . 

Marvin William Simmons 

A R 

iii . 

Donnie Elizabeth Simmons 


iv . 

Bertie Olive Simmons 

A 1 

v . 

Gladdie Ann Simmons 

vi . 

Lena Dearie Simmons md David J. Brock 
ch Delauris Leigh & Beverly Ann Brock 

vii . 

Theodore Roosevelt Simmons 


viii . 

Lina Bell Simmons 

ix . 

Rodolph Duffy Simmons md Bonnie Dell Outlaw 
ch Gerald Dwight & Curtis Theodore Simmons 

x . 

Emma Mae Simmons md Ira F. Bowles son Wm. Ira B. 

xi . 

Norman Carey Simmons md Vivian Marie Cobb 
ch Marcie Marie & Norman Simmons 

xii . 

Hazel Ann Simmons md William Terpenning 

23 . Emma 

Simmons md Joseph Benjamin outlaw 

i . 

Anne Simmons Outlaw md James Henry Parker 

ii . 

Louis Wright Outlaw (b 1891) 

iii . 

Emma Charlotte Outlaw md Dr. Eric Berger 

iv . 

Eva Bell Outlaw md Albert Nichols 

v . 

Amos Joseph Outlaw 

vi . 

Rachel Outlaw 

vii . 

Benjamin F. Outlaw md 1/ Allie Rouse 2/ Repsey Maxwell 

viii . 

Daniel Hargett Outlaw md Lydia Elizabeth Jordan 
dtr Elizabeth Jordan Outlaw 

24. Robert E. 

Simmons md Hittie Kennedy 

ch Laura, 

Varion & Pearl Simmons 

25. Sarah Winifred Simmons (1867-1900) md James Daniel Smith 

i . 

James Arnold Smith md Sadie Jemima Ellis 
son William Arnold Smith (d age 13) 


ii . 

Coy Bernel Smith 


iii . 

Richard Alden Smith (Dunn) 


iv . 

Maude Daniel Smith 



Eula Elizabeth Smith 


vi . 

Sannie Winifred Smith 

26. Louisa Simmons md Richard Alden Smith 

i . 

Lola Smith (1886-1965) md Dan Waller 


ii . 

Zilpha Ann Smith 

iii . 

Edward Smith, unm 


James Arthur Smith md Mae Holmes 


Wright Smith md Sallie Mae Parks 

vi . 

Nick Aaron Smith (1904-1931) 


SIMMONS (continued) 

54 *vii. Faison Smith 

55 viii. Lou Allie Smith 

27. Penelope Elizabeth Simmons ( 1865-1962 ) md Cook Kornegay 

i. Hildreth Kornegay (b 1893) 
ii. Henry Wm Kornegay (b 1894) md 1/ Laura Massey 
2/ Martha Tyndall 3/ Dollie Byrd 
iii. Herbert Kornegay (b 1897) 

56 iv. Eva Nettie Kornegay 

v. Alda Reach kornegay md Henry Waters 

28. Laura Swinson md Peter Kornegay 

i. Maude Kornegay 
ii. Corna W. Kornegay 
iii. Paul H. Kornegay 
iv. Emmet T. Kornegay 
v. Henry B. Kornegay 
vi. Irene D. Kornegay 
vii. Lucy A. Kornegay 

29. Ida Hill md John Thomas Aldridge 

*i. Patty Aldridge md James K. Souther land (see Grady) 

30. Mary Elizabeth Casey md Christopher Wright Smith 

i. Ida Julia Smith md Benjamin R. Tyndall 
ch Percy, Ruby, Lemuel & Harvey Tyndall 
ii. Sylvester Othnie Smith md Sal lie Bowden 

ch Elizabeth, Sylvester Jr., Woodrow, Frances, 
Christine, Julia, John, Bill, Gilbert, 
Rebecca & James Cox Smith 
iii. Mattie Roberts Smith md Ashley Whitfield 
iv.- Glennie Rebecca Smith md Ira Hannibal Cobb 
*v. Lillian Spencer Smith md Rev. Cecil F. Outlaw 
*vi. Effie Gillespie Smith md Rev. Cecil F. Outlaw 
vii. Daniel Lemuel Smith md Ada Williams 

ch Margaret, Thelma, Gladys & Eugene Smith 
viii. Royal Wright Smith md Nettie Garner 

ch Roy Egbert, Dorothy, Annie Louise, 
Alice G., CW & Elizabeth Smith 
ix. Lizzie Caroline Smith md Charles Moore 

x. Elias Carr Smith ch Elias Jr., Tommias & Lee S. 
xi. Polly Ann Smith md N. Pendergraft 
xii. Claudius Orriel Smith md Pauline McKey 
xiii. Johnnie Charlotte Smith md Rufus Brown 
xiv. James Woodard Smith md Dallas ( ) 

ch James, Egbert, Eugene & Dennis Smith 

31. Wilhelmina (Will) Casey md William Potts 

i. Susan Lenora Potts md Robert Raeford 
ii. Julia Ann Potts 
iii. Cuzzie Eliza Potts md John Southerland 
iv. Walter L. Potts 

v. Carrie M. Potts md ( ) Aycock 
vi. Maude Potts (1889-1890) 
vii. Mabel Potts 
viii. Herbert W. Potts 

ix. Willie B. Potts (1895-1898) 

x. Lola Belle Potts md Dewey Potts 
xi. Herman Orestes Potts (1899-1900) 
xii. Eunice Emma line Potts md J . B. Dal ton 
xiii. Esther Potts md John Wilson 


SIMMONS (continued) 
*32. Samuel Tilden Patterson md Eula Elizabeth Smith 

57 i. Walter James Patterson 

58 ii. Andrew Patterson 

59 iii. Adolph Patterson 

60 iv. Jack Dempsey Patterson 

61 v. Lin wood Patterson 

*33. Waldo Emerson Simmons md Florrie Smith 
i. Edward Simmons dtr Sharon S. 
ii. Shirley Simmons md H. D. Barnes 

34. Elizabeth Ford md John Williams 

i. Nita Williams md Thell Robinson Dunn 

35. Joseph Parrott Mewborn md Zilpha Grady 

i. Edna Mewborn md Charles Crews 
ii. Catherine Mewborn md Joaquin Llamas 
iii. Lucille Mewborn md Ralph Cecil Candetto 
iv. Jean Mewborn md William Southwell 

36. Willie Simmons md Edward Daley 

i. John Marion Daley 
ii. Carlyle Daley 
iii. Maud Daley md Joe Hales 

37. Mattie Simmons md Ned Smith 

i. Bertha Smith md Monroe Gordon Piland 

38. Everett Simmons md Bessie Flowers 

ch Russell, Margaret, May, Amos & Lacey Simmons 

39. Minnie Simmons md William Mauton Holt 

ch Ellis, Morris, Marion, John and Nina Holt 

40. Ressie Smith md Lola Boney 

i. David Ressie Smith md Beachie Thigpen 
ch Norma Alden & Judy Faye Smith 
ii. Bertha Smith md Robert Hollingsworth ch Robert, Jr., Theo 

62 iii. Lina Mae Smith & Willene H 

iv. Helen Smith md Leo Jackson 

41. Mildred Smith md George W. Whitfield 

i. Charlotte (Lottie) Whitfieldmd John Ivey Smith 
ii. Callie Whitfield md Ashton Miller son Robert M. 

42. Mollie Smith md Sam James (Bose) Williams 

i. Etta Williams md ( ) Miller 
ii. Mary Williams md Clyde Williams 
iii. Sallie Williams md Jack Griffin 
iv. John A. Williams 

v. Penelope Williams 
vi. Lola Williams md ( ) Griffin 
*43. Leslie Smith (1884-1920) md Hattie Kornegay 

63 i. Te-ssie Frances Smith 

64 ii. Rowland Smith 

44. Marvin William Simmons md Mattie Kornegay 

i. Leroy Simmons md Edith Martin 

ch William Gaston & Lissa Kay Simmons 
ii. Garland Simmons 
iii. James Dempsey Simmons (killed in Italy 1944) 

45. Donnie Elizabeth Simmons md Paul Outlaw 

i. Daisy Outlaw md James Fields 

ch Donna Marie & June Karen Fields 
ii. Helen Outlaw md Edwin Frick son Stephen Thomson F. 
iii. Edna Outlaw md McKinley Grady 
iv. Alger Outlaw md D. Smith dtr Vicki Lynn Outlaw 
v. Maybelle Outlaw md Grover Grady son Daniel G. 


SIMMONS (continued) 

46. Bertie Olive Simmons md William Henry Kelly 

i. William H. Kelly 
ii. Henry Lawrence Kelly 
iii. Nathan Thomas Kelly md Alice Price 

47. Gladdie Ann Simmons md Paul Williams 

i. Carey Austin Williams md Katie Hazel Johnson 
son Carey Austin Williams, Jr. 
ii. Lebron Williams md Frances Atkinson 

ch Catherine Yvonne & Anthony Farris Williams 
iii. Kermit Paul Williams md Joyce Ann Johnson 

48. Lina Belle Simmons md Daniel W. Fagg 

i. Daniel Webster Fagg md Jane ( ) 
ii. Doris Simmons Fagg md Boyden C. Siske III 

49. Coy Bernel Smith md Mattie Gladys Benton 

65 i. Sarah Doris Smith 

66 ii. Jack Smith 

iii. James Daniel Smith md Frances Jean Knight 
ch Daniel Glenroi & Stephen Ray Smith 
iv. Frank Wilcher Smith 

67 v. George Peel Smith 

68 vi . Jesse Eugene Smith 

vii. Lillie Simmons Smith md Harley Jones 

50. Richard Alden Smith md Gertrude Grady 

69 i. William McCoy Smith 

ii. Olivia Smith md Leland Carlyle Herring 

70 iii. Ambrose Ludwell Smith 

51. Maude Daniel Smith md Joshua Respess Herring 

i. Sara Bell Herring md John Davis Willis 
dtr Junibell Willis 
ii. Betty Gray Herring md Francis R. Hodges 
iii. Lemuel Jarvis Herring md Sarah L. Smith 

52. Sannie Winifred Smith md John Westbrook 

i. Mabel Westbrook md Albert Smith 
ii. Burnice H. Westbrook 
iii. Daniel Bruce Westbrook 
iv. Margarite Westbrook 

v. John W. Westbrook, Jr. 
vi . Scott W. Westbrook, Jr. 
vii. Easter Westbrook 
viii. Amos Westbrook 

53. Zilpha Ann Smith (1883-1962) md Ralph Grady 

i. Richard Ralph Grady md Alma Lee Jones 
ii. Mary Lou Grady md Gilbert (Chub) Holmes 
*54. Faison Smith md Susan Grady 

ch Aaron, Delano & Lou Gene Smith 

55. Lou Allie Smith md William McKinley Griffen, Sr. 

71 i. Geneva S. Griffen 

72 ii. Minnie Kathleen Griffen 

73 iii. William McKinley Griffen, Jr. 

74 iv. Edna Wise Griffen 

56. Eva Nettie Kornegay md Graham Teachey 

i. Remus Teachey md Gaynelle Stanley son Gary Remus T. 
ii. Ruth Teachey md Douglas Townsend 

57. Walter James Patterson md Margaret Whitfield 

i. Helen Patterson md Brantley Hinson 


SIMMONS (continued) 
ii. Shirley Patterson md Bobby Kelly 
iii. Barbara Ann Patterson 
*58. Andrew Patterson md Elizabeth (Bit) Smith 

75 i. Frances Jean Patterson 
ii. Yvonne Patterson 

76 iii. Andrea Patterson 

59. Adolph Patterson md Estelle Albertson 

i. Judy Patterson md Vernon Bostic 
ch Lisa & Ray Franklin Bostic 

77 ii. Thomas Pacterson 

iii. Billie Patterson md 1/ Sharon Williams 2/ Beverly 
Thigpen ch Crystal Gayle & Woody Patterson 

60. Jack Dempsey Patterson md Eloise Brinson 

i. Jean Patterson md Tiomas Smith 
ii. Jack Randall Patterson md Sharon Hinson 

61. Linwood Patterson md Nanny Price 

i. Ladonna Patterson md 1/ ( ) Fields 2/ ( ) Williams 
ii. Curtis Patterson md Beverly Jones 

62. Lina Mae Smith md Woodrow Jackson 

78 i. Woodruff Jackson 

63. Tessie Frances Smith md Herman Fussell 

i. Sue Fussell md J. W. Kilpatrick 
ii. Peggy Fussell md R. J. Hursey, Jr. 

64. Rowland Smith md Inez Nunn 

79 i. Rowland Andrew Smith, Jr. 

65. Sarah Doris Smith md Harold Lee Robinson III 

i. Patricia Robinson md James Harold Robinson 
ii. Sarah Smith Robinson md Wm David Prueter 
iii. Harold Lee Robinson IV 
iv. Jennifer Fay Robinson 
v. Margaret Evelyn Robinson 

66. Jack Smith md Viola L. Harper 

i. Joan Marie Smith md Marvin James Swinson 
ii. Linda Kaye Smith md Wm Anderson Moore 
iii. Bonnie Jean Smith md Robert Wade Moore 
iv. Reuben Adrian Smith md Edith Diane Strickland 
ch Reuben Dale & Steven Jason Smith 
v. Cecil Coy Smith md Sharon P. Ballree 
ch Cecil Chadwick Smith 
vi . Jacqueline Elaine Smith md Sherman Douglas Hyatt 

67. George Peel Smith md Martha Roberts 

i. Jesse Peel Smith md Sharon Jan Rouse 
ii. Timothy Wade Smith 

68. Jesse Eugene Smith md JoAnn Grady 

i. Tammy Jo Smith md James Mercer Quinn 

69. William McCoy Smith md Tessie Smith 

80 i. Hugh Gregory Smith 

70. Ambrose Ludwell Smith md Hilda Louise Harper 

i. Joette Smith md Lewis Lee 
ii. June Ann Smith md Gerald Bryan Goodwin 
iii. Ambrose L. Smith md Brenda Heath 

ch Chery Jay & Kimberly Ann Smith 

71. Geneva S. Griff en md Roger Dawson 

i. Gloria Dawson md Allen McRae Holmes 
ch Stephen, Laura & Lindsy Holmes 


SIMMONS (continued) 
ii. Michael R. Dawson md 1/ Dawn Conley 2/ Cynthia ( ) 
ch Angel 1 Dawson 

72. Minnie Kathleen Griffen md Robert M. Wilson 

i. Karen Lou Wilson md Worth Timothy Haithcock 
ch WT & Troy Robert Haithcock 
ii. Sharon Kathleen Wilson md Henry Crawford, Sr. 

73. William McKinley Griffen md Carolyn Herring 

i. Karla Griffen 
ii. Kelly Griffen 
iii. Allie Karyl Griffen md Thomas Forest Beavers 

74. Edna Wise Griffen md William W. Henson 

i. Billy Joe Henson md Barbara Ann Price 
ii. Kim Henson md Branch H. Benton 
iii. John Henson md Penny Lane 

75. Frances Jean Patterson md Robert C. Ingram 

i. Richard Ingram 
ii. David Ingram md Vera ( ) 

76. Andrea Patterson md 1/ Ronnie Bostic 2/ ( ) Thomas 

i. Sheila Ann Bostic 

i. Keith Bostic 

77. Thomas Patterson md 1/ Carolyn Hill 2/ Peggy Carter 

I. Tommy Patterson md Laura Pander 

ii. Melanie Patterson (twin) 
iii. Mona Patterson (twin) 

78. Woodruff Jackson md Joyce Lynn Smith 

i. Bruce Jackson md Angela ( ) 

79. Rowland Andrew Smith, Jr. md Nancy Jane Andrews 

i. Roland Andrew Smith III md BrendaLee Glutting 
ii. Patsy Sue Smith md Gilbert Morgan 
ch Cindy & Jeffrey Morgan 

80. Hugh Gregory Smith md Linda Sue Howard 

i. Gregory Lynn Smith md Diane King 
ii. Robert Alden Smith 

81. Daniel Green Simmons md Verda Belle Grady 

i. Grace W. Simmons md Parry Smith 
ii. Tessie Bell Simmons md Roscoe Daniel 
iii. Buron Simmons md Kathleen Outlaw Herring 
*iv. Audrey Joshua Simmons md 1/ Bob Scott Herring 
2/ Horace Smith 


Jones Smith (1813-1887), son of Jones and Mary Lockhart Smith, 
md 1836 Mary (Polly ) Howard (1817-1899) dtr of Thomas and 
Caroline Williams Howard. They lived and are buried on the 
"old Tap Farm" in Duplin County, NC . 

1 i . John Gordon Smith 

2 ii. Jon es Robert Smith 

3 iii. Mary Smith 

4 iv. Delia Smith 

5 v. Enoch Smith 

6 vi . Nancy Smith 

7 vii. Elizabeth Smith 
viii. George Smith 


SMITH (continued) 
ix. Felicia Smith (b 1858) (only i?i 1870 census) 
x. Mercy Smith (b 1859) (only in 1870 census) 

8 xi . Carolina Smith 

1. John Gordon S mit h (1838-1917) md 1866 Julia A . S mith 
(1846-1918), dtr of Jacob and Barbara Williams Smith 

* Jacob had md 1877 An n Holland making her Julia's stepmother. 
John Gordon served in the Confederacy under Capt. Wm. J. Houston. 

9 i. Albert Sidney Smith 

ii. Lonnie Gordon Smith (1866-1923) md Nancy Jane 
Smith dtr Eva, d young 

10 iii. Barbour Smith 

11 iv. Lula Smit h 

2. Jones R obert S mith (1839-1919) md Martha Tre nt Kidd (1853-1931). 
Jones, too, was a Confederate veteran having served with Capt. 
Houston. He was wounded in action at Spring Church, VA. It 

was in Virginia he met his wife and where his first two 
children were born. 

12 i. Trent Gordon Smith 

13 ii. Walter Jones Smith 

iii. Mary E. Smith (b&d 1876) 

14 iv. Ralph Kenan Smith 

3. Mary Smith (1844-1892) md Robert H. Kennedy (1842-1885) 

*i. Robbie Kennedy md Zeb Williams dtr Nora Wms . 
ii. Minnie Kennedy (twin) md Jim Jones 

15 iii. Mat Kennedy (twin) 

iv. Charles Kennedy 
v. Van Kennedy 

16 vi . Geor gia Ken ned y 

4. Cordelia (Delia) Smith md George Miller, son of Richard 
and Susan Kinsey Miller. 

*17 i. Connie Miller 

ii. Georgia Miller md Lewis Small 

18 iii. John Miller 

19 iv. Claude Miller 

20 v. Mary Susan Miller 

*21 vi. Matt Ransom Miller (twin) 

22 vii. Wade Hampton Miller (twin) 

23 viii. Carrie Miller 

5. Enoch Smith (1849-1931) md 1/ Barbara Rouse 

24 i. Myrtie Smith 

ii. Bertha (Bert) Smith 2nd w Aretus Smith 

25 iii. George Enoch Smith 

Enoch Smith md 2/ Elizabeth (Betty) Smith (1871-1953) 
iv. Kitty Ivey Smith md Jeb F. Noeker 
v. Tom Smith md Gladys Kinsey 

ch GT, Fletcher, Harold & Myra Jo Smith 

26 vi . Willie James Smith 

27 vii. Janie E. Smith 

viii. Sam J. Smith md ]./ Ellen Reynolds 2/ Molly 

Kornegay dtr Peggy Joyce Smith md Andy W. Caudill 
ix. Susan Smith 

28 x. John Cameron Smith 

6. Nancy Smith (d 1937, age 80) md Amos Kirkpatrick Williams 

*i. Zeb Williams md Robbie Kennedy 
ii. Yancey Williams 
iii. Blannie Williams 
iv. ( ) Williams md J. L. Watson 


SMITH (continued) 

7. Elizabeth (Betty) Smith (1851-1923) md Anthony Davis 

29 i. Fannie Florence Davis 

30 ii. Dora Davis 

31 iii. Hanson Da^is 

32 iv. Beulah Davis 

33 v. Carl Anthony Dav/is 

8. Caroline Smith (1861-1889) md Aretus Smith 

34 i. Tones Smith 

35 ii. Forrest Smith 

9. Albert Sidney Smith (1879-1914) md Sallie Eliza Smith. 
She md 2nd, M. F. Westbrook. 

36 i. Remus John Smith 

ii. Earle D. Smith md Rosa Bell Tynda 1 1 

37 iii. Dempsey Wood Smith 

38 iv. Thelma Smith 

10. Barbour Smith md 1/ Pete Lawson 2/ Pinckney Aldridge 
i. Herman Lawson son Herman Lawson, Jr. 
ii. Ashley Hill Aldridge 

11. Lula Smith (1872-1928) md Moses F. Westbrook 

i. Oliver Westbrook 
ii. Bonnie Westbrook md ( ) Taylor 
iii. Estelle Westbrook md ( ) Wright 

12. Trent Gordon Smith (1870-1947) md 1/ Lena Hardy 2/ Bessie Cook 

39 i. Mattie Irene Smith 

40 ii. Effie Lee Smith 

*iii. Essie lone Smith md Mack Smith (see Jones) 
iv. Mamie Whitfield Smith md Floyd Heath 
son Floyd Heath, Jr. md Imojean ( ) 

41 v: Lenoir Jones Smith 

vi. Norman Smith (1901-1902) 

42 vii. Norma Smith 

43 viii. Willard Gordon Smith 

68 *ix. Annie L. Smith md Carl Howard 
x. Lena Smith (b&d 1909) 

13. Walter Jones Smith (1871-1952) md Celia Catherine Smith 

44 i. Jasper Jones Smith ( 1919-1957 - Pink Hi 1 1 postmaster ) 

45 ii. Lillian Smith 

46 iii. Lela Bryant Smith 

47 iv. Kathleen Smith 

48 v. Patty Mae Smith 

vi. Walter Kidd Smith (1904-1925) 
*vii* Florrie Whitmore Smith md Waldo Simmons (see Simmons) 

49 viii. Roland Jennings Smith 

50 ix. Susie Hazel Smith 

51 x. Horace Kent Stanfield Smith 

*xi . Elizabeth Smith md Andrew Patterson (see Simmons) 

14. Ralph Kenan Smith, Sr. (1883-1939) md Edith Susan Smith 

52 i. Woodrow Wilson Smith 

ii. Raymond C. Smith (1914-1916) 

53 iii. Nannie Mae Smith 

54 iv. Prentice Wooten Smith 

55 v. Ralph Kenan Smith, Jr. 

vi . Edith S isan Smith md Edward Little 
son Ralph Edward Little 

15. Mat Kennedy md Alec Shepherd 

i. Robert Shepherd md Viola Rogers 


SMITH (continued) 
56 ii. Ellis Shepherd 
*57 iii. Johnny Shepherd 
16. Georgia Kennedy (1870-1944) md Parker Howard 

58 i. Walter Howard 

ii. Gertrude Howard .md Nathan Pate 

dtr Retha Pate md Lindwood Mosely 
iii. Lula Howard md Bob Thornton 
ch Dick & Eloise Thornton 
iv. Rex Howard md Ellen Howard 

ch Edward, Woodly Franklin & Cynthia Howard 
v. Albert Howard (d age 3 from burns) 
vi . Viola Howard md Thomas Moore 
*vii. Daisy Howard md Richard Howard 
viii. Verdie Howard (1900-1907) (diphtheria) 
ix. Bland (Sammy) (twin) md Sybil Brock 

ch Georgiana, Mary Linda, Joyce & Betty Faye Howard 

59 x. Ralph Lane (Bud) (twin) 

60 xi . Patty Mae Howard 

xii. Georgia Velma (Sport) Howard md 1/ Frank Harper 
2/ Sam Taylor 3/ Harris Adams 
*17. Connie Miller (1880-1918) md ]/ Jennie Evans 2/ Verdie Ervin 
i. Walter George Miller (1912-1938) 
ii. Eunice Mae Miller (1914-1943) 
iii. Lawrence Richard Miller (1915-1976) 
iv. Pearl Elizabeth Miller md Louis H. Tyndall 
v. Ray Pollock Miller (1917-1951) 

18. John Miller md Lou Davis, dtr of Stephen & Nollie Wms Davis 

i. Hattie Bell Miller md Dewey Westbrook 
ii. Bertie Miller md Robert Blizzard 
iii. Lonnie Miller md Ida Murphy 
iv. George Miller md India Murphy 

19. Claude Miller md 1/ Ruth Holden 2/ Mattie Sadler 

i. Roy Miller 
ii. Ruth Miller md Walter Holden 
iii. Claude Wilson Miller 
iv. Louise Miller md Tom Maulsby 

20. Mary Susan (Mollie) Miller md Corace Hill 

i. Clifford Hill md Mabel Brown 

ii. Florence Cordelia Hill (b&d 1907) 

iii. Ruth Mae Hill md Wooten Cox 

iv. Mark Dewey Hill (1918-1944) (in Navy; buried at se 
v. Jack Dempsey Hill (1921-1931) 

*21. Matt Ransom Miller (1882-1944) md Verdie Mae Ervin 
i. Tessie Miller md Lewis Henry Turner 
ii. Earl Ransom (Bud) Miller md Audrey Brock 
iii. John Miller md Almond Phillips 
iv. Ivey Mack Miller (1933-1984) md Margaret Best 
v. Connie Miller md Sarah Holloman 

22. Wade Hampton Miller md Bell Mills son Herman Miller 

23. Carrie Miller md Frank Whaley 

i, Carl Whaley md 1/ Ann ( ) 2/ Virgie Martin 
ii. Kathaleen Whaley md Rex Mills 
iii. Caroline Whaley md Raymond Brown 

24. Myrtie Smith (b 1878) md Liston Shepherd 

i. Celie Shepherd md Eddie Howard 
ii. Ruth Shepherd md Jim Atkinson 
iii. Bertha Shepherd md ( ) Atkinson 


SMITH (continued) 
iv. Nannie Shepherd md ( ) Atkinson 

25. George Enoch Smith (b 1871) md Agnes Williams 

61 i. Priestly Smith 

62 ii. Eunice Smith 

26. Willie James (Jim) Smith (1892-1946) md Addie Miller 

63 i. Harold James (Pete) Smith 
ii. Ruby Smith md Norman Miller 

iii. Melva Smith md L. F. Jones 
iv. Richard Smith 

27. Janie Elizabeth Herring ( 1894-1972) md Joseph Scott Herring 

64 i. Hattie Lee Herring 

ii. Annie Mae Herring md 1/ Donald Kennedy 2/ J. E. 
Martin ch Kenneth Lesley & Milton Wesley Kennedy 

65 iii. William Thomas (WT) Herring 

66 *iv. Bob Scott Herring 

v. Marie H. md Frank Yarborough dtr. Betsy md Mark 

28. John Cameron Smith (1903-1951) md Ruby Spence 

i. Bettie Smith (dec'd) md Leslie Turner 
ii. Shirley Smith md Dovelle Outlaw 
iii. Shelby S. Smith 
iv. Edna Gray Smith 

v. Alice Fay Smith md D. L. Scott, Jr. 
vi . Rachel Smith md J. Michael Hatch 
vii. John Cameron Smith, Jr. 

29. Fannie Florence Davis (1870-1923) md John Abner Ervin 

i. James Walter Ervin md Annie Elizabeth Jones 
*ii. Verdie Mae Ervin (1895-1944) md 1/ Connie 

Miller 2/ Ransom Miller 
iii. Carrie Florence Ervin (1896-1897) 
iv. Pompie Ervin ( 1898-1951) md Zilpha Elizabeth Gray 
v. Gertrude Ervin (1899-1969) md Hugh Simmons Haskins 
vi . Cecil Cabott Ervin (1906-1955) md 1/ Anne Mae 
Humphrey 2/ Carrie Mae Small 
vii. John King Ervin md Ruby Lee Noble 

30. Dora Davis (1871-1947) md 1/ Jonas Howard 2/ Wm Stroud 

i. Hearny Howard (1894-1950) md R. H. Wilmouth 
ii. Thurman Howard (1896-1970) md 1 / Ressie Mae 
Wiley 2/ Nora Sparrow 
iii. Carrie Howard (1898-1976) md Hardy Wiley 

31. Hanson Davis (1880-1947) md Blanche Taylor, dtr of 
Elizabeth Davis (dtr of Senus Davis & Nancy Kinsey) and 
John H. Taylor. 

90 *1. Hess Davis md Lena Smith 

ii. Jimmy Davis (d 1983) md Kirlene Hardy 
iii. Horace Davis md 1/ ( ) Harper 2/ ( ) Harper 

91 iv. Rachel Davis 

v. Perry Davis (1910-1982) md 1/ Molly Grady 
2/ Alma Hardy 

32. Beulah Davis (1874-1941 ) md Lonnie Christopher (Kit) Howard 

i. India Howard (1894-1911) md Ira Elbridge Heath 
ii. Anthony Howard 

67 *iii. Richard Franklin Howard 

68 *iv. Carl Howard 

v. Adotph Howard md Bessie Whaley 


SMITH (continued) 

33. Carl Anthony Davis (1887-1956) md Emma Elizabeth Howard 

i. Anthony James Davis (1911-1919) 
ii. Carl Ray Davis (1912-1980) md Hazel Payne 
iii. Walta Harrell Davis (1916-1968) md Ruth Guy 
iv. Emma Marie Davis (1919-1923) 

v. Beatrice Davis mi William Clayton Clark 
vi . Margarite Rose Davis md Lawrence R. (Buck) Johnson 
vii. Cecil Alton Davis md Nadine Grady 
viii. Howard Lynwood Davis md Mary Lou Tyner 

34. Jones Smith (1887-1956) md Eva Belle Sandlin 

i. Willard Smith (1917-1944 in S. Pacific) 
md Frances Cook son Jimmy Smith 
ii. Elbert Smith md Jerry Wade 

35. Forrest Smith (invented system of flue-curing tobacco) 

md Margaret ( ) 

i. Hildred Smith 
ii. Frederick Smith 
iii. Carolyn Smith 
iv. Margaret Smith 

36. Remus John Smith md 1/ Lillian Jones 2/ Patty Smith May* 

69 i. Remus Smith, jr. 

37. Dempsey Wood Smith md Anniebell Hooten 

i. Albert Sidney Smith ch Tim & Christopher Smith 
ii. Robert Smith md Peggy Puckett 

38. The 1 ma Smith (d 1979) md Walter Stroud 

i. Jimmy Wayne Stroud md Jo Ann Gresham 
ch Allyson, Raymond & Ramon Stroud 

70 ii. Earl Frederick Stroud 

39. Mattie Irene Smith (1894-1940) md Thomas W. Smith 

90 *i. Lena Smith md Hess Davis 

*ii. Norman Smith md 1/ Evelyn Smith 2/ Irene O'Quinn 

son Steve Smith 
iii. Louis Garland Smith md Alene ( ) 
iv. Jean Smith md Allen Nethercutt 

ch Curtis & David Trent Nethercutt 
v. Joyce Smith md 1/ Horace Kornegay 2/ Victor 
Parker ch Jeanne & Angie Kornegay 

40. Effie Lee Smith (b 1895) md Henry Street Kornegay 

i. Margaret Z. Kornegay 
ii. Peggy Kornegay md Vaughn Fowler 
iii. Henry S. Kornegay, Jr. dtr Beth Kornegay 
iv. Robert Franklin Kornegay md Madelin son Rob K. 

v. Matthew J. (Jay) Kornegay 
vi. George Klontz Kornegay 
vii. Eva Bell Kornegay md Gerald Ezzell 

41. Lenoir Jones Smith (b 1899) md Charles Edward Goodson 

i. Elwood Goodson 
ii. Edward Goodson 
iii. Mary Weldon Goodson md Kermit Noble dtr Holly 
iv. Keith Goodson 

v. Douglas Goodson 
vi. Norma Rae Goodson md Bobbie Flowers 

42. Norma Smith (1902-1985) md Hal S. Wetmore 

i. Mary Badger Wetmore 
72 ii. Norma Stanley Wetmore 

2 6 

SMITH (continued) 

43. Willard Gordon Smith (1904-1975) md Sally Grady 

i. Edith Marie Smith (1934-1948) 
ii. Charlotte Bess Smith md Don Smoot 

44. Jasper Jones Smith (1893-1977) md Carrie Jane Stroud 

i. Howard Smith md Barbara ( ) 

ch Mark (d 1984), Clay & Tracy Smith 

73 ii. Martha Belle Smith 

74 iii. Jasper Kidd (JK) Smith 

75 iv. Carolyn Smith 

45. Lillian Smith mi Jesse Southerland 

i. J. B. Southerland (dec'd) 

76 ii. Emma Katherine Southerland 

46. Lela Bryant Smith (1897-1980) md Robert Carr 

i. Margaret Ann Carr md ( ) Casey 
ii. Bobbie Carr md ( ) Holland 
iii. Christine Carr md 1/ Lloyd Boney 2/ Everett 
Stone dtr Christine Boney 

47. Kathleen Smith md Roland A. Grady 

i. Roland Augustus Grady (RA) md Betty Jo Mercer 

ch Kathi Elizabeth, Susan Ellen & Robert Stephen Grady 

48. Patty Mae Smith md 1/ Floyd May 2/ *Remus Smith 

77 i. Patricia May 

78 ii. Ann May 

49. Roland Jennings (Sig) Smith md Anniebell Smith 

79 i. Roland Jennings Smith, Jr. 

80 ii. Donald Eugene Smith 

50. Susie Hazel Smith md Walter Murphy Rivenbark, Jr. 

81 i-. Walter Murphy Rivenbank III 
ii. Robert Kidd Rivenbark 

82 iii. Phillip Brice Rivenbark 

51. Horace Kent Stanfield Smith md Sarah Kelly 

i. Jane Smith md Nathan Joyner 

52. Woodrow Wilson Smith (1912-1985) md 1/ Adell Albertson 
2/ Margaret Allen 

83 i. Woody Lynn Smith 

84 ii. Franklin Delano Smith 

iii. Boyce Dean Smith md Sandra ( ) 
ch Troy & Yvette Smith 
iv. Peggy Sue Smith md L. W. (Bob) Faggard 

ch Margaret Alyson, David Wyndol & Michael Scott F. 

53. Nannie Mae Smith md George Gerald Albertson 

i. Bobbie Albertson 
ii. Geraldine Albertson md Edwin Kugler son Edwin K. 
iii. Carol Albertson md 1/ Jack Carver 2/ Christopher 
Booth dtr Karen Carver 
iv. JoAnne Albertson md 1/ C. R. Zeigler 2/J.R.Milhorn(div) 

54. Prentice Wooten Smith md Lillian Smith 

i. Betty Carmel Smith md Phillip Lane 
son Brandon Lane 
ii. Janice E. Smith md Reza Mahmoudi-Pousti 
iii. Donna Jean Smith md Donald Hatcher 

ch David Cameron & Dana Brooke Hatcher 

55. Ralph Kenan Smith md Nancy M. King 

i. Susan Marie Smith md Michael Wayne Berndgen 
ch Michelle Marie & John Michael Berndgen 
ii. Irene Catherine Smith 
iii. Ralph Kenan Smith III md Anita Tankersley 


SMITH (continued) 
56. Ellis Shepherd md Alma Williams 
i. Preston Shepherd 
ii. Mavia Shepherd md 1/ Charles Souther land 
2/ Oliver Scott 
iii. Cecil Shepherd md Lillie Glen Gordon 
*57. Johnny Shepherd md Tirzah E. Smith 

85 i. Mildred Shepherd 

ii. Mary Evelyn Shepherd md John Norris 
ch Rodney Allison & Nancy Lee Norris 

86 iii. John Shepherd, Jr. 

87 iv. Jewel Ann Shepherd 

58. Walter Howard md 1/ Penie Cunningham 2/ Edna Dunn 3/ Mary Tyndall 

i. Evelyn Howard md Clayton Whaley 
ch Jean & Betty Lou Whaley 
ii. Dorothy Howard md Wilson Smith 
ch Peggy, Sue, WG & Roger Smith 
iii. Walter Howard, Jr. md Bertha DeBruell 
ch Kenneth & Walter Howard III 
iv. James Parker Howard md Mary Ellen ( ) dtr Renee H. 
v. Thomas Roger Howard md Faye Turner 

ch Angie, Thomas Roger, Timmy, Sissy & Mary Ann H. 

vi . Mary Elizabeth Howard md L. B. Henderson 

ch Paula, Penia, Lee, Portia & Page Henderson 

vii. Ann Howard md 1/ Eugene Smith 2/Carman Sutton 
ch Eugene Smith, Jr., Brenda , Carman, Debbie & Vern 

viii. Grace Howard md Henry Clay Harper 

59. Ralph Lane (Bud) Howard (1906-1962) md Mabelle Smith 

i. Howard Howard (b&d 1929) 
ii. Ralph Lane Howard, Jr. md Virginia Walker 
ch Timmy & Jeffrey Howard 

88 iii. Larry Lynn Howard 

iv. Gregory Howard md Linda Faye Winson 

ch Donna Faye, Steven Gregory & Melissa Howard 
v. Dennis George Howard nd Linda Flowers 

ch Kelly, Daniel, Michael Brandon (twin) & 
Matthew Scott (twin) 

60. Patty Mae Howard md Rodolph Heath 

i. Elwood Heath 
ii. May Alice Heath md B. T. Williams 

61. Priestly Smith md Catherine ( ) 

i. Beverly Smith md Wayne Dillard 
ch Kimberly & Kerrie Dillard 
ii . Kathy Smith md Jimmy Judd dtrs Melissa & Michele J. 

62. Eunice Smith md Stephen Earl Grady 

89 i. Stephen Earl Grady, Jr. 

ii. Horace C. Grady (1933-1964) md Annie May Muse 
ch Bryce, George, Billy & Sharon Grady 

63. Harold James (Pete) Smith md Lucille Brinson 

i. Harold Smith, Jr. 
ii. June Smith md Kenneth Smith 
iii. Judy Smith md Jerry Hunter 

64. Hattie Lee Herring md Faison Turner 

i. Dr. Ben Scott Turner md Linda Godbold 
son James Faison Turner 
ii. Annette Turner md Robert Keith Tyndall 
ch Lee Ann, Ryan & Amanda Tyndall 


SMITH (continued) 

65. William Thomas ( WT ) Herring md Billy Ruth Frazier 

i. Cathy Herring md Glen Bradley son Bryan B. 
ii. Dana Herring 

66. Bob Scott Herring md 1/ Audrey Simmons 2/ Bumice E. Jackson 

i. Bobby Jock Herring 
ii. Barbara Kay Herring md Billy Philyaw 
iii. David Scott Herring 
*67. Richard Franklin Howard md Daisy Howard 

i. Warren Bryan Howard md Annie L. Griff en (2 ch ) 
ii. Geraldine Howard md 1/ Tex Tenney 2/ ( ) Menear 
iii. Georgia Arlene Howard md Horton L. Aasen 
iv. Arnold Preston Howard md Banolia Barwick (2 ch ) 

v. Maurice Layton Howard md Phyllis Albertson (2 ch ) 
vi . Ronnie Vernon Howard md Georgia Thompson (2 ch ) 
vii. Florine Howard md 1/ Lenial (Pete) Weston 2/ ( ) Brigman 
viii. Elinor Maxine Howard md Elwood King 
ch Karen & Elwood King II 
ix. Mary Kathryn Howard md Earl Brown (2 ch ) 

x. Suzanne (or Louanne ) Howard md Mervin Thigpen (2 ch) 
xi . Nancy Parker Howard md William Carr 
xii. Diana Howard md 1/ James K. Avery, Jr. 2/ ( ) Baleman 
*68. Carl Howard md Annie L. Smith (1907-1942) 

i. Marianna Howard md Chilton Howard 
ii. Sylvia Howard md Billie C. White 

69. Remus Smith, Jr. md Hilda West 

i. Ann Smith md Charles Burton son Brad Burton 
ii. Karen Smith md Keith Liner ch Holly & Emily Liner 

70. Earl Frederick Stroud md Kaye Bell 

i. Lisa Ann Stroud md Mark Bland 
ii. Tara Gay Stroud 

71. Mary Badger Wetmore md Yancey M. Stal lings 

i. Harry Ferrell Stallings 
ii. Hal Wetmore Stallings md Rebecca Gay Sumner 
son Adam Bruce Stallings 

72. Norma Stanley Wetmore (1929-1983) md Emmett Riddick, Jr. 

i. Emmett Leonard Riddick III md Karen Fera McCarley 
son Emmett Christopher Riddick 
ii. Jane Wetmore Riddick md John Douglas Waters 
son John Douglas Waters, Jr. 

73. Martha Belle Smith md Charlie Saunders 

i. Charles Sidney Saunders, Jr. md Karen ( ) 

ch Charles Douglas & Jonathan Nelson Saunders 
ii. Joe Saunders md Debbie ( ) dtr Cherie Lynn S. 

74. Jasper Kidd ( JK ) Smith md 1/ Linda Edwards 2/ Linda Grant Lawler 

i. Linda Sharon Smith md Douglas Motley 
ii. Elizabeth Jane (Beth) Smith 
iii. Laura Lawler Smith md Ralph W. O'Neal 
iv. Jonathan Smith 

75. Carolyn Smith md Richard C. Stroud 

i. Martha Ann Stroud md Frederick Howard 
dtr Carrianne Howard 
ii. Richard C. Stroud, Jr. md Denise Jones 

76. Emma Katherine Southerland md Bill Richards 


SMITH (continued) 
i. Bill Richards md Elizabeth Carolyn (Beth) Brady 

ch Leigh-Ann, Heather Noel & William Hancock B. 
ii. Susan Richards md Graham M. Frederick 

ch Brooke Elizabeth & Scott Graham Frederick 

77. Patricia May md Charles Nash 

i. Charles Nash md Deborah ( ) dtr Jennifer Nash 
ii. Patricia Nash 

78. Ann May md Donald Hedstrom 

i. Donald Hedstrom 
ii. Kathryn Hedstrom md Richard J. Schweiger 

79. Roland Jennings Smith, Jr. md 1/ Effie Haddock 2/ ( ) 

i. Roland Jennings Smith III (Jay) (1957-1974) 
ii. Judy Allyson Smith md Denny S. Hailey 
ch Shelby Allyson & Samantha Hailey 

80. Donald Eugene Smith md Dot Barnett 

i. Donald (Chip) Smith md Jean ( ) 
ii. Cindy Smith 

81. Walter Murphy Rivenbark III md Carol Bishop 
ch Walter Murphy IV, Amy Bishop, David James& Christopher Smith R. 

82. Rev. Phillip Brice Rivenbark md Wanda Johnson 
dtr Catherine Rochell Rivenbark 

83. Woody Lynn Smith md Hazel Irene Trivette 

i. Debbie Lynn Smith md Lindsey Brewer 
ii. Lynn Smith md Linda Harvey dtr Rachel Smith 
iii. Lori Smith 

84. Franklin Delano Smith md Gloria Pruitt 

i. Kimberly Smith md Michael Taylor 
ii. Steven Perry Smith 

85. Mildred Shepherd md 1/ Hugh Jerret Smith 2/ William Chase 

i. Hugh J. Smith 
ii. Mike Smith 
iii. Terri Smith 
iv. Joan Smith 

v. June Ann Chase 

86. John Shepherd, Jr. md Catherine Stokes 

i. Johnny D. Shepherd md Denita Whaley 
ch Molly & Lora Shepherd 
ii. Rebecca Ann Shepherd md Dr. Joseph Starke 
son Alexander Starke 

87. Jewel Ann Shepherd md C. L. Whitfield 

i. Charles Thomas Whitfield md Carolyn Brewer 
ch Thomas & Michael Whitfield 
ii. Lewis Neil Whitfield md Theresa Ann Stroud 
ch Kristin Dawn & Jeremy Neil Whitfield 
iii. Barbara Ann Whitfield md Russell Parker 
ch John Yancey & Sabra Allyn Parker 

88. Larry Lynn Howard md Emogene Williams 

i. Regina Howard md Jeffrey Hill 
ch Nicole & Tracey Hill 
ii. Sheila Howard md Harold Jason Smith son Jason S. 

89. Stephen Earl Grady, Jr. md Ruby Pierce 

i. Robert Grady 
ii. Linda Faye Grady md Ricky Rouse 
ch Daniel & Joseph Rouse 

90. Hess Davis (1907-1973) md Lena Smith 

92 i. Hess Davis, Jr. 


SMITH (continued) 

93 ii. Wayland Thomas Davis 

94 iii. Larry West Davis 

91. Rachel Davis (d.1986) md Herbert Stroud 

i. Bryson Stroud 
ii. Vivian Stroud md ( ) Martin 
iii. Doris Jewell Stroud md ( ) Gunter 

92. Hess Davis, Jr. 

i. Gynn Arlene Davis md ( ) Turner 
ii. Thomas Brent Davis 

93. Wayland Thomas Davis md Kay Conner 

i. Jeffrey Lynn Davis 
*ii. Wayland T. Davis, Jr. md Donna Lynn Jones 
*94. Larry West Davis md Nellie Waters (see Puckett) 
i. Lori Ann Davis 
ii. Delaina Joy (Dee) Davis 


Jo h n Whitman (b 1854), son of Wright and Elizabeth Whitman, 

md 13 Feb. 1882 Margiana Fanelty , dtr of James P. & Rinda Fanelty 


William Aretus Jones (1782-1866) md 1/ Frances Winsette 
2/ Miriam Howard. He was 74 when Laney was born. 

1. Lewis Jones (first Pink Hill postmaster) 
ii. George Jones 
iii. Francis Jones 
iv. Marenda Jones md Patrick Worley 

1 v. Laney Jones 

1. Lan e y Jones (1856-1926) md John William Worley (1849-1922), 
nephew of Polly Howard Smith. 

2 i. Lola Worley 

3 ii. Lela Worley 

4 iii. Bland Wallace Worley 

iv. Bessie Bell Worley md Walter Williams 

5 v. John Alton (Jack) Worley 

2. Lola Worley (1875-1906) md Robert A. Williams 

6 i. Wallace Williams 

ii. Virginia Williams, retired teacher 

7 iii. Frances Williams 

8 iv. Susan Williams 

v. William A. Williams md Mary Grant 
ch Billy & Mary Ann Williams 

3. Lela Worley (1877-1952) md 1/ Bryant Smith 2/ Richard 
Clyde Whitfield 3/ ( ) Pollock 

9 i. Mildred Smith 

4. Bland Wallace Worley md 1/ Ruth Gooding 2/ Estelle Cox 

10 i. Eleanor Ruth Worley 

ii. Bland Wallace Worley, Jr. md Ada Harvey 
ch Ruth, Ada & Bland Worley 
iii. Hal Grayson Worley md Rosemary Thorpe 

11 iv. Len West Worley 

5. John Alton (Jack) Worley (1890-1965) (35 years for Postal 
Service) md 1/ Mabel Clara Davis 2/ Sarah Mercer 


I - 

WORLEY (continued) 
12 i. John Bryce Worley 

ii. Clarah Mason Worley md Charles Parrish 

ch Susan, Charles, Beth & Haywood Parrish 
iii. Fannie Gray Worley md Jarl Bowers 
iv. Mable Ramona Worley md John O'Conner, Jr. 
ch John, Patricia, Michael, Sarah, Timothy 
& Patrick O'Conner 

6. Wallace Williams md Myree ( ) ch Robert & Jane Williams 

7. Frances Williams md Clark Powell 

i. Carolyn Powell md ( ) ch Susan, Christopher & Courtney 
ii. Susan Powell md ( ) ch Carolyn, Catherine & Elizabeth 

8. Susan Williams md Floyd Price 

i. Gayle Price md ( ) ch Charles & Susan 
ii. Flo Price md ( ) ch Catherine, Virginia & Edith 
iii. Floyd Price md ( ) son Floyd Price, Jr. 

9. Mildred Smith md Adolph Howard 

i. Adolph Howard, Jr. 
ii. Dorothy Carol Howard mi David Grady 
iii. Margaret Jewel Howard md ( ) (2 ch) 

10. Eleanor Ruth Worley md James Simmons 

i. Ruth Simmons md ( ) ch Delany & Keranne S. 
ii. James Simmons md ( ) ch Jameson & Laney S. 

11. Len West Worley md Irene Long 

i. Len West Worley, Jr. md ( ) son Kent Worley 
ii. W. Hal Worley md ( ) ch Tony & Cheryl Worley 
iii. Gregory Worley 

12. John Bryce Worley md 1/ Audrey Britton 2/ Jean Wesson 

i. Cathy Worley md ( ) ch Kim & David 
ii. Susan Worley md ( ) ch BC & Darren 


George F. Quinn 
Susan Idella Quinn 
William I. Quinn 
Amos W. Simmons 
Daniel H. Simmons 
Mary G. Simmons 
Sarah Simmons 
Ann H. Smith 
John Gordon Smith 
Julia Ann Smith 
Jones Smith 

Martha M. (Polly) Smith 
Jones Robert Smith 
Martha K. Smith 
Lula Smith (Westbrook) 
John Whitman 
Margie Whitman 
Laney J. Worley 

Pearcy A. Barfield 
Zachariah Barfield 
Barbara Grady 

Georgia F. Grady ( Kornegay ) 

Harriet Grady 

Martha Grady 

Sherwood Grady 

William Henry Grady 

William J. Grady 

George Holland 

Dora Holland (Hussey) 

Agnes A. Jones (Smith) 

Ashley J. Jones 

Georgia Kennedy (Howard) 

James D. Kornegay 

Lucy G. Kornegay 

Emma Phillips (Quinn) 

Cooper Puckett 

Ella V. Puckett 

4 2 

Adell Albertson, w of Woodrow W. Smith, 25 Jun 1915-22 Aug 1941 
Edith Marie Smith: 28 Aug 1934-9 Aug 1948 
( same stone : ) 

Willard Gordon Smith: 16 Oct 1904-3 Apr 1975, Father 
Sally Grady: 21 Aug 1905- (still living), Mother 

Jones R. Smith: 27 Jun 1839-14 Nov 1919 

Mary E. , dau of J. R. & Mattie T. Smith born ( ) died 3 Nov 1876 
Martha T. Smith: 26 Apr 1853-7 Jul 1931 
( same stone : ) 

Ralph K. Smith: 26 Nov 1883-4 Sep 1939 
Edith Susan: 24 Oct 1893-15 Jul 1932 

Raymond C, son of R. K. & E. S. Smith: 25 Aug 1914-29 Oct 1916 
( same stone : ) 

Edward Ivy Smith: 3 Oct 1865-31 Oct 1937 
Fannie S.: 24 Sep 1869-3 Aug 1935 

Walter Kidd Smith: 20 Mar 1904-25 Apr 1925 

( same stone : ) 

Walter Jones Smith: 6 Jun 1871-19 Dec 1952 
Celia C. Smith: 20 Jul 1873-25 Oct 1959 

Emmaline Grady, w of Stephen Hampton Grady: 15 May 1879-30 Jun 1969 

Stephen Hampton Grady: 16 Jan 1879-28 May 1953 

Moses Franklin Westbrook, St. John's Lodge No. 13 
16 Apr 1870-10 Jul 1950 

Lula Smith, w of M. F. Westbrook: 13 Mar 1872-4 Nov 1928 

Ruth F. , dau of M. F. & Lula Westbrook: b 8 Apr-d 8 Jul 1911 

John Gordon Smith: 30 Jan 1838-12 Aug. 1917, Father 

Julia A. Smith: 22 Feb. 1846-6 Sep 1918, Mother 

Eva, dau of Nannie & Lonnie Smith: 29 Dec 1898-26 Mar 1899 

( same stone : ) 

Lonnie Smith: 22 Dec 1867-14 Jun 1923 
Nancy J. Smith: 16 Apr 1871-24 Sep 1938 

Julian Winifred, son of Wm J. B. & Mary Eugenie (Wiggins) 
Dale, foster son of L. & N. J. Smith: 3 Dec 1906-12 Dec 1954 



Zebulon Montgomery, son of Win H. & Emmaline Grady: 
13 Nov 1872-29 Sep 1904 

Wm H. Grady: 7 Oct 1841-14 Apr 1921 

Emmaline, dau of D. H. & E. A. Simmons & w of William H. Grady: 
2 Aug 1843-25 Jun 1921 

Malcolm Laurens, son of William Henry & Emmaline (Simmons) 
Grady: 20 Mar 1885-3 Oct 1970 

Maud, dau of William Henry & Emmaline (Simmons) Grady 
(first; w of L. G. Grady from 1902 till his death 1910) 
second husband was W. G. Whitted from July 1917 till his 
death 1955): 6 Apr 1881-16 Jul 1958 

Infant son of T. W. & Irene Smith: b 4 Oct d 11 Oct 1926 
Thomas W. , son of T. W. & Irene Smith: 22 Aug 1920-29 Oct 1927 
( same stone : ) 

Thomas Webb Smith: 6 Jan 1885-23 oct 1948 
Mattie Irene: 12 Feb 1894-21 Mar 1940 

( same stone : ) 

Trent Gordon Smith: 17 Mar 1870-17 Oct 1947 
Lena Hardy: 1 Aug 1874-29 Mar 1909 

Norman W. , son of T. G. & Lena Smith: 11 May 1901-22 Jun 1902 

Lena, dau of T. G. & Lena Smith, b 29 Mar d 29 Sep 1909 

Essie lone, w of J. Mack Smith: 6 Sep 1896-15 Jun 1935 

Sidney E. , son of J. Mack & Essie I. Smith: 29 Jul 1914-1 Jan 1920 

J. Mack Smith: 10 May 1892-12 Sep 1955 
( same stone : ) 

Stephen E. Teachey: 2 Oct 1879-7 Apr 1954 
Mary E. Bryant: 10 Dec 1882-15 Mar 1954 

Furnie D. , son of S. E. & M. E. Teachey: 30 Jan 1912-18 Aug 1913 
Jane Futrell Bryant: 1848-1939 
Thomas Bryant: 1848-1902 

Albert T., son of Ab . & Laura Bryan: 6 Nov 1906-2 Aug 1908 
Albert M. Bryant: 29 Oct 1888-20 Oct 1918 
Ada Bryant Arthur: 11 Dec 1908-26 Jul 1933 


Laura Bryant: 21 Mar 1879-17 Sep 1933 
Roy Bryant: 1913-1957 

Rosa Lee Bryant: 30 Oct 1905-18 Apr 1983 
Mary Susan Grady: 1882-1961 

John Grady, North Carolina PVT BTRY C 113 Field Arty, WW I 
5 Dec 1894-2 Sep 1964 

( same stone : ) 

Edward Smith: 13 Feb 1889-19 Apr 1956 
Louise: 9 Feb 1894-17 May 1961 

Charles E. Herring: 25 Oct 1946 - son 

Charles H. Herring: 18 Oct 1902-12 Jan 1973, Father 

Annie L. Herring: 28 Dec 1913- , Mother 



Craig, Rev. D. I., Devel opment of the Presby te rian Church in N.C , 
Dail, Rev. John R., A His tory of Wilmington Presby tery 
Duplin County Census 1850-1910 ~ ~~ " 

Duplin County Register of Deeds Office 
Duplin County Clerk of Court Office 
Grady, Benjamin, Jo h n Grady of Dobbs and Dupl in 
Grady, W. H . , "Sketch of Hebron 1915" ( archi ves-Montreat ) 
Hebron Presbyterian Church Session Book 

Mullis, Troy D., "Brief Sketch of Hebrpn Presbyterian Church" 
O'Conner, Ramona Worley, "Wor ley-Davis-Jones Family 1608-1983" 
Outlaw, A. T., Out l aw Genealogy (1930) 
Scott, Rev. E. C, Ministerial Direct o ry of t he Presbyterian US 

1861-1941 & 1861-1941 revised & supplemented 
State Board of Agriculture, NC and I ts Resources 1896 
Wither spoon, Rev. E. D., Jr., Mini st erial Directory of th e 

Pre sbyteri an Church US 1861-1967 & 1861-1975 

Cover by Betty Smith Lane. Prepared for publication by 
Ellis Fulk of Wrightson Typographies of Miami, Florida 

It is hardly possible to mention the names of each individual wh 
has helped out and not safe to list them lest even one should be 
left out. Our sincerest thanks to those who have responded to 
request for data. You have aided greatly in helping us locate 
descendants of charter members of Hebron Church and may this 
booklet of memories help repay some of our indebtedness to you. I 

Your Historical Committee: 
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Kenan Smith 
Mr. and Mrs. Prentice W. Smith 
Lena Smith Davis 

As long as the supply lasts, further copies of this booklet 
may be obtained from: 

R. K. Smith 

2613 Nocatee Drive 

Miami, Florida 33133